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Thread: 200sx distributor differences

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2012-12-09 04:45:40
200sx distributor differences
So today I was replacing my distributor o-ring and set it on the lawn. While I was inside the sprinklers turned on and soaked it which is resulting in a no start. Keep in mind my car is a 1997. I happened to have a 1995 distributor and slapped it on.

Car does run but has a check engine light which I'm assuming is from a different year distributor. It is also a bit low on power as well. They both have different part numbers though they are both Mitsubishi.

Side note is the car did NOT have any codes at all prior to this issue

1995 is 22100OM810
1997 is 22100OM811

I'm guessing that the trigger disks are different resulting in a code thrown. Does anyone happen to know the dates of.the different cut off dates for each distributor? And my other question is the proper distributor shot once it gets wet or can I dry it out and try again?

Or can I swap the disks?
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2012-12-09 07:32:45
Nissan changed out distributors halfway through the 200sx's. This is why you will see two different sets of spark plug wires for the 200sx. You could try to move over all of the parts from your old distributor to this one (just keep the coil). But if there is a difference in the coil you will just need to get the right one.
2012-12-09 09:12:31
Yeah I see that the capacitor is the same, and the bodies are pretty much the same, the connectors on the 97 are rotated further down.

I tried loosening the center bolt that holds the shaft in without much luck since its another shitty place Nissan decided it would be a good idea to use a philips head screw lol. Hopefully the trigger wheels swap over without any modding since I'm not down to source another distributor.
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