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Thread: Trouble setting timing.

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2012-12-08 23:52:18
Trouble setting timing.
So ive done some research and am still having trouble resetting the timing on my RR. ive i have the motor and TDC, with the intake cam gear at 10 o'clock and the exhaust at 12 o'clock with 20 rollers inbetween. but when i tried to start up the motor just a bit ago there was a nasty metal clickin noise, almost as if the chain skipped a tooth, but i check and there is still 20 links between the marks on the cam gears. I just replaced timing chain tensioner as well as a UR crank pulley

i also noticed that at TDC i have a lot of slack on the timing chain. only a TDC tho, throughout the rest of the rotation the chain is pretty snug.
im trying to get this done this weekend cuz i need my DD to get to school so plz any info will help

any suggestions? heres some pics to show where im sitting at now. thanks!

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2012-12-08 23:55:49
Make sure that the tdc mark on pulley is tdc many pulleys separate and the timing marks can be as much as a 1/4 revolution off. Just stick a long extension down the plug hole as you rotate to check.
2012-12-09 00:20:50
i did do this, placed a long screw driver in the spark plug hole. i will check if TDC with the screw driver matched TDC with the 2nd mark on the pulley
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2012-12-09 17:20:40
morning bump
2012-12-09 20:28:18
Pulsar Group of Australia

have you got the links right? count is 5,21,9. sure you ain't got 5,20,10? (exhaust out 1 tooth).i had this after a cam install.motor would run (just) but sounded terrible.
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2012-12-09 21:25:57
i read on other threads that it was 20 chain links between the cam gear markings...
but i see this image goes by the teeth so il try that...it litereally feels like one tooth makes the chain much more firm so hopefully this is the issue...

any other ideas? i dont see any wear marks on the cam gears or the chain.
2012-12-09 23:18:45
Make sure when you set the timing you leave the slack from the chain on the tensioner side , release the tensioner and spin the motor over by hand a few times you should be good to go.
2012-12-10 00:22:10
Just got it started making a weird clacking noise. Most likely a tooth off?
2012-12-10 01:28:25
The first pic looks like the tensioner has not engaged.. The slack that is, reminds me of how it would look
2012-12-10 01:47:08
1 tooth=1 link. 5-21-9.gospel.
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