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Thread: Recap of The Best/The Worst in 2012 on the Dash

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2012-12-08 16:26:38
Recap of The Best/The Worst in 2012 on the Dash
Thought it would be fun to do a thread like this of the best memories from this year on the forum and with its members. Could be events, threads, accomplishments, failures, whatever. You name it.

For me I think some of the best are the following:

1. 2012 Convention of course goes in the #1 spot for me. Meeting and putting faces with the names to a lot of the long time members Ive talked to on here for so long and seeing all the fun everyone had.

2. Getting to ride with in Wayne's miata and run off the track at the Convention and see Joe spin out off into the mud and grass with my wife in the car. hehe

3. Seeing Jamies 11.6 run in person at the Convention

4. Seeing my wife have moderator status for about a week before she was finally caught by Cliff That was hilarious.

5. Seeing all the progression and Pioneering in the all motor camp this year. Great stuff guys, Jamie, Cory, Payu&Pito (PR guys doing work), Rocco, and several others. Gotta love it.

The worst:

Seeing members such as Coheed sell off their cars and move to other platforms as well as the couple members we have lost.
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2012-12-08 18:09:20
2012-12-08 18:22:59
nuff said

I agree the convention was my highlight.
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2012-12-08 18:56:38
seeing that video of the moh/mazworx gti-r run at the convention......ve-t all the way.
gives me something to look foruward to, in the new year.
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2012-12-08 19:18:07
In that Mazworx vid is that last run against you Ashton?
2012-12-08 20:37:32
The convention and the shit talking thread lol
2012-12-08 21:35:03
would have to say the whole community still going strong and trying to make some advancement.

As always staying in touch with people i consider family is what makes this place have a special place in my heart.
2012-12-08 23:09:40
coolest moment: ashtons live dyno

highlight: pitos 10sec vvl pass (he better get it! )

hilarious moment: sratton and everything related to his drama
2012-12-09 01:55:12
My highlights are all related to the convention:

Turbocharging my SE-R in the weeks leading up to the convention, finishing up 6 hours before driving it, basically untested 500 miles to Ohio.

Running balls to the wall in the rain all day @ Nelson Ledges with a different passenger in my seat every session.

Trapping 111 at the strip, and earning a 100mph club sticker.

2012-12-09 02:05:31
Think it's all been pretty much said by now

Gotta tell you all that the new site looks spiffy as hell. Can't wait to get it going live.
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