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Thread: Whadda make of this?

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2012-12-18 03:04:09
Looks that way!
2012-12-31 23:26:08
Alright fellas, so far I got everything disconnected in the snow, except the ball joint nut. Was going good till i got to this last nut...of course. The cotter pin just ripped apart trying to pull it out (rusty) and its still in there. What would be the best course of action?

I was thinking of grinding down the rest of the metal sticking out, getting the nut off then trying to knock it out with like an all or something little that would fit in the hole....? Done for the day since its dark and new years partying approaches, but i gotta pick up a 22mm wrench for the nut tomorrow anyway cuz i couldnt find mine and all the 7/8th wanted to do was strip like i was at a titty bar...
2013-01-01 19:01:00
HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP (need it quick as the stores close in a few hours and i need to get a new wheel bearing put in but i cant get the ball joint nut loose...

-lubed it up with liquid wrench yesterday and more today
-open ended wrench is stripping
-vice grips are stripping
-heated with a torch for a minute or 2
-pounded on the nut with a hammer a bit to try and jar it looser

since you cant get a socket on there i dont know what else to do and i need to get it off ASAP
2013-01-01 19:37:29
Go get a nut splitter or dia/angle grind the nut in half,.....obviously you are goin to put new ball joints in ,right
2013-01-01 22:35:40
pull the axle out and then take it off...stand on the lower control arm and pull the axle out of the hub. Then you can get to the ball joint easily.
2013-01-01 23:10:32
Thanks guys, i figured something out to get the axle out, had to grind the ball joint out tho, the nut wouldnt budge, got a new one. Got the bearing replaced at Pep Boys and now im about to put it all back together. I just have to hammer out? the old ball joint and figure out the new one goes in
2013-01-02 00:42:04
Been hitting it so much the rubber flew off and the sides are crushing but no budging....

2013-01-02 09:29:22
Heated that son of bish up with a torch for like 10 mins then when back at it and broke it loose, got it all in and back together, looks like the noise is gone! I still think i hear like the sound of a rotating bearing, kinda blend with the sound of my intake suction tho so I dunno i could be crazy. I tried to record it but all my phone picked up was wind. Anyway the grinding is gone and you cant hear anything really from in the car like you could. I'm gonna jack it up and let the wheel spin freely just to double check for sounds after my handy work, but so far looks like its fixed. Only a ball joint had to be ground off and replaced, but the boot was ripping on it anyway....thanks guys (i really need to get air tools though)

Heres a little aftermath picture of the new ball joint and axle happily back home
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