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Thread: Whadda make of this?

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2012-12-04 19:55:16
Oh this was prob around 40 mph, it drowns out when I go around 60 or around 10 it's not very loud. There's no steering wheel vibration or anything either
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2012-12-04 20:31:31
Does it do it on one side specifically or both? Does the noise change when you turn to one side or the other? That really sounds like a wheel bearing to me.
2012-12-04 20:49:54
Well that video was recorded while I was driving straight, I'm usually not going fast when turning, but the sound doesn't seem to change (besides how it does mentioned above concerning the speed I'm going). Sounds like it's coming from under my feet. It's easiest to hear with the windows up then trying to lean out the window and hear it from under the car. It's almost like something is slightly rubbing on something else when the wheels/axle rotates. I don't have the car right now (getting emission tested) but when I get it back what, besides trying to wriggle the tire, should I do to check wheel bearings? Would an axle that needs some lubing make this noise? I'm pretty stumped.
2012-12-04 21:22:37
It sounds like a wheel bearing to me too. Another method I've found works to diagnose it besides checking for play is to make a turn like @95b14 said see if the sound changes to a different pitch.
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2012-12-04 21:52:34
That's the thing, I didn't notice a sound difference, but I'll put it through some better testing when I get it back. I also noted there is no feedback/vibration in the steering wheel, ever. Turning, driving, stopping, never. ?? Wouldn't there be some if bad bearing?
2012-12-05 00:14:56
Sounds like bad wheel bearing to me too, jack it up and try spinning wheels individually by hand see if you can hear it on a specific wheel. It is easier on a lift though.
2012-12-06 07:16:59
Heres another video as I call out speeds and turns. I took it for a run (still need one of the monitors to turn ready for it to pass emissions, driving it didnt solve the issue tho so im gonna have to pay like $150 towards fixing it so i can get it exempt, oh well). But anyway I should note, i dunno if i mentioned this before but my inspection passed but i was told i just needed the drivers side axle nut tightened. Now i only drove a few miles with it loose i guess, but it didnt make that sound prior to getting it back from the shop (with the nut tightened). Could the issue be wheel bearing was damaged when it was loose then damaged more when it was tightened? Which makes me curious why the guy who passed it wouldnt have said something. They drove it for emissions (to get the monitor to turn ready) so i know they had to have heard it

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2012-12-06 07:22:28
Did u change out the wheel bearing?
2012-12-06 07:48:21
Not yet, cars down at the shop to get emissions run on her. Was having issues with CAT/O2S/EGR monitors are still not ready, i only need one more to Ready up for it to pass, but it looks like im gonna have to go the exempt route since cat and sensors are new. When i get it back i'm going to jack it up and listen for the outside the car. Prob have shop do it tho cuz its to damn cold out here now to be messing around. I'll report back once i get the car back and on jacks
2012-12-06 09:50:42
You has a pm
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