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Thread: Talk about your all-time bonehead moves

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2012-12-06 21:17:43
installed a t25 on my de, forgot to put a copper washer between the banjo bolt, oil everywhere!
2012-12-06 23:49:37
Originally Posted by Ulysses
installed a t25 on my de, forgot to put a copper washer between the banjo bolt, oil everywhere!

Damn this sucks I will make sure not to do this
2012-12-07 01:20:35
1. Listening to a fellow forum member and his crazy suggestion of rotating my exhaust cam back one tooth. (custom piston notches on exhaust side from valve contact, now)

2. KYB AGX (fuck them)

3. Buying eBay garbage when I was eighteen.

4. Sticking with the rear beam as long as I have.

Hmmm. I dented my oil pan on a trip down to the beach by being unable to evade a tumbling cinder block that fell out of the back of a truck. I was about fifty miles from the beach. I parked it, it bled out. Bought a case of oil and drove 50 miles and throw in a quart. It made it, I was lucky.

Cracked transmission from too much wheel hop on stock and ripped and torn engine mounts.
2012-12-07 14:24:17
Not an SR20 but one of the worst stories I heard. My friend had a mustang GT and rebuilt the entire engine and supercharged it. Spent like, 8k plus price of the car. After all this work, he could never get the car to run quite right. It ran poorly and cut out at WOT. So finally after like 6 months of trying to figure it out he sold it for like real cheap on CL with a description of the problems.

About a week goes by and he gets an email from the guy........ The spark plug wires were in wrong!! Needless to say, my friend was pissed. The new owner said the car runs awesome now.
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2012-12-07 14:35:40
Did a compression test with spark plug wires still in the distributor. Car wouldn't start/run and trouble shot it for couple days and couldn't figure it out. It had spark still, and would light fuel outside of the cylinder thus didn't figure it was the coil. Turns out the ignition coil got shorted and was not producing a strong enough spark. Morphed a DE and VE distributor together and car has been happy since.
2012-12-10 01:28:50
Sooooo, lol. A friend of mine was having issues with his DE. Thinking ECU(being a 98 w/all the.extra egr/02 sensors), oil leak(that was fixed), burning extra fuel, high mileage motor, odd sounds etc.... So he figured the motor was on its was out with so many issues plus it being a nitrous motor. He pretty much thought it was on its last leg. So what do we do when our DE is on its last leg? That's right we go VVL and we go big, cams, New header, new exhaust, retune ecu(jwt), New pullies, and the list goes on. Well as we removed the motor today we found various.odd and.ends that seemed would have gave.the motor New life this being one issue...lol

Let's just say a big($$$$) mistake because of a simple wire...
2012-12-10 01:35:56
Wow. That sux
2012-12-10 01:38:57
Lol, at least the swap was contemplated prior to the issues. So it made the swap sooner than later.
2012-12-10 07:36:38
A friend and I set my toe today on my car, got it all finished up an got to putting the tape measures away and got to talkin about the metal tip of them an how its suppose to work and why you shouldn't just let your tape measure roll up real fast on its own, well my friend takes them both and hooks them on the tool box an pulls them out, SHIT! They dont match! There was a good 1/8" difference!!

So after that we took one of his broken ones and cut it a little longer then needed and just used that front and back of the tires to get a consistent reading. Turns out like 2-3 of his tape measures were off, probably doesn't help when his kids (or me) just let them wind up on their own a bunch.

Needless to say when your using 2 tape measures, make sure they match up!!
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2012-12-10 18:40:43
I know what your talking about, always make sure they are the same brand
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