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Thread: I think my de is done..

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2012-11-14 02:38:03
I think my de is done..
So I'm driving home and all of the sudden I feel an extreme lack of power.. And so I started to take back roads home and all of the sudden its dying dying and knock knock knock n died, I tried to restart it and it just slowly cranks but doesn't start.. I had been hearing a slight tick for a few days but I didn't think it was the engine.. And now it just clicks when I try to start it.. What do u guys think? Idk I'm hoping its the fuel pump or something, but it seems like it may be the end for my de, what do u think?
2012-11-14 02:42:11
I think it's VE!!!!time!!!!!
2012-11-14 02:45:20
I'm thinking the exact same thing. But I'm hoping not, I can't afford it right now and I just lost my i35 to a car accident so I have nothing to drive fuck..
2012-11-14 02:48:19
750 ve plus some friends helping you swap it in and bam!
2012-11-14 02:57:20
I wish I had 750 lol
2012-11-14 04:05:37
How many miles on the DE, and have you been properly maintaining it? Did you overrev? What ECU? The ticking was probably a warning sign, and you kept driving it and maybe revved it high is my guess, then a few moments later the knocking started..
2012-11-14 04:12:25
Its got 204k right now.. To be honest, I was until recently with a whole bunch of nonsense going on I blew off doing the oil change since it hit 202k and just topped it off and when I checked the oil right now the dipstick was bone dry. I didn't overrev it but I was driving it very hard on my way home..stock ecu.. And yes it is VERY possible it started knocking after the high revs, I might have just not noticed due to my music being on very loudly.. All u said made total sense though man..
2012-11-14 04:24:59
So I got it to crank for a second or 2 and then it died.. It just knocks like crazy n dies, I messed up.. Neglegence I guess, damn it.. I guess its time for a ve.
2012-11-14 04:26:59
No oil in your motor?
2012-11-14 04:28:30
Nope, at least that's what the dipstick says.. Its my own fault I neglected it for the last few weeks and ignored the ticking..
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