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Thread: gtir iacv woes lol

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2012-11-04 17:41:09
gtir iacv woes lol
Hey I've been working on my high idle problem among other things on my gtir motor and noticed that my AICV "a.k.a. air regulator" is not plugged in because the b13 harness didn't have a plug. Please confirm for me that this will act as if the car is cold all the time causing the car to idle high. I looked at the schematic and it says to simply run 12v to it from the fuel pump relay. Thx -Ed
2012-11-04 18:12:56
Also need to fix this because it makes it damned difficult to time with high idle.
2012-11-04 18:31:52
It´s a real pain to bring the rpm´s down in a GTi-R. I was able to bring it down by bringing down the tps to .40v from .50. Before this, the adjusment screw was all the way in and it would just not come down form 1150rpm. Now it´s 900rpm stable.
2012-11-04 20:33:49
Yeah my tps stays high no matter what. One day I'll hook up the consult. I heard you can reset it even with a bad one.
2012-11-04 21:54:05
didn't work. thing must be dirty or something... high idle and a messy house makes edward a saaaad panda.
2012-11-04 23:06:42
I suppose it´s a GTi-R swap.. Did you ever invert the outer wires of the TPS connector? because the DE harness is the other way around.
I find it strange that you didn´t have the IACV connector, My B13 did have it, I just had to lengthen the wires.
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2012-11-05 00:21:42
Did you use a gtir engine harness or stok se-r harness?
2012-11-05 00:42:39
i have a spare 54c iacv if you end up needing one
2012-11-05 01:31:32
yeah im using the b13 harness. i had another b13 harness laying around with the connector on it. dont know why is was missing. i figured out that the resistance in the det motor tps starts at 2ohms the de starts at less than 1. adjusted it to .45v it has a few dead spots in it though. i hooked the air regulator up but it didnt help. i think i need to just get it over with and clean it. nopi is on the 8th here and i wanted to see what my car could run but i cant time it which is unsafe at 18 psi! i tried some guys suggestion of setting the timing mark on the pulley and rotating the dist to make the coil fire to set timing but it never worked. i think i will just see when the no. 1 piston is at tdc and look at the crank pulley and time it like that i guess. any other ideas?
2012-11-05 04:36:09
Need the purple plug from the gtir harness i beleive.
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