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Thread: sr20 s13 burning way too much oil (Help!)

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2012-10-31 13:32:03
sr20 s13 burning way too much oil (Help!)
Hey every one, I hope you guys can help me out. i just had all 8 rocker arms replaced at a garage. I busted two of them because i down shifted from 5th too 2nd by accident. And after i got my car back from the garage i had too move back home. (2800 km away) In 1800 km of that trip i burned over 25 litters of oil... when i got 500 km away my turbo stoped working (i figured because all the gung from the burnt oil jamed it) then at 1000 km away my manifold gasket blew... i would of stoped but i needed to get home to start working.
What should I do? i was thinking about getting a new engine but if the problem isnt too big ill just get it fixed.
Iam new at these forums so if i am doing anything wrong with my posting just let me know. I appreciate the help Thanks!
2012-11-04 03:31:06
Turbo or N/A? If your N/A check your PCV valve. The check valve is suppose to work one way but if it fails it will suck the oil from the valve cover into the motor when your at speed. If it's turbo could be your turbo is going to hell, or you have cracked pistons and getting crazy blow by.
2012-11-04 03:37:44
Your oil was lost in the turbo, gurantee it. Your turbo stopped working because it was on its way out more than likely which would have been a sign from it using oil. Compression test the motor, If the motor compression tests fine it was your turbo at fault. You will know when you remove the manifold. If you have any oil in the exhaust ports then maybe problem elsewhere and you can at least identify what cylinder it is. If there is no oil, turbo is toast and that was what was allowing oil by the turbo seal on the exhaust side.
2012-11-08 03:00:35
:>.... Metric system... oh lawd, so how fast were you going, also that's a crazy long trip to take on a car that was just fixed. I would have done a little 120Km drive and then stop to check everything, that;s what we do in TX on a major engine repair like that, but honestly if the turbo was going out, the full check out of the car done by the shop would have revealed in to the tech. If I were a tech and saw a turbo going out, that's $$$ in my pocket to replace or fix, now if a customer comes in saying all I want is this done... Forget what ever else you see, I'm not paying for it... then ya I'd skip it. Were you that type of customer??? Sorry to hear that though.
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