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Thread: boosted and cammed DDs?

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2012-11-01 13:55:50
Originally Posted by liv2die06
Originally Posted by coach
I have always down all my tuning (didn't really have funds or access to a tuner). I did a lot of highway cruise logging and would adjust my fuel maps/timing maps accordingly. Typically I see a lot of people run way too little timing at idle and way too much fuel at idle and when just on the throttle which burns a lot of gas. I clean up those areas on my maps as well.


Originally Posted by Vadim

That's exactly why I'm tuning, no tuner and would rather spend the extra funds on other mods. I'm not shy on timing or on making it leaner. Just haven't found the perfect combo I guess? What cruising AFR's do you generally stick to? Right now I turned it down to 14.3-15.3 from 16's and doesn't seem like I lost/gained any gas mileage. Would love to break away from 20's city.

So should I drive my b14 to Kentucky or Virginia for some help on my ems tuning?

Neither man, you have Chris Turner and his shop right there in Columbus to help you out! TurboTank is the forum name. I am actually going to have my NX dyno tuned up there once I get it finished up this time. Simply because I want to run E85 and water injection together and haven't messed with that before.

2012-11-02 16:17:04
Originally Posted by Vadim

Originally Posted by unijabnx2000

Coming soon will be 6speed - expected MPG 37+ highway

Definitely keep us posted, I want to do a 6speed swap just for that. No stock LSD does blow though.

That's why you can just convert a B15 6spd that already has the LSD or do like me (which may cost more) and get a P12 and swap the stacks and diff assy.
2012-11-03 22:10:20
Boooost itttttttt! I still have a couple hours to think about it if im boosting or not. t28, j pipe, downpipe, maf, int wastegate, turbo mani, fmic w/piping for 500$
2012-11-04 22:07:47
Originally Posted by sugarwaterpurpl
Boooost itttttttt! I still have a couple hours to think about it if im boosting or not. t28, j pipe, downpipe, maf, int wastegate, turbo mani, fmic w/piping for 500$

im going boost no matter what, just debating if i might as well get some s4 or not cause its my DD.

but im pretty much set on getting them.
2012-11-04 22:24:09
Just get them and be done with it, they DD just fine, sound awesome, and great power increase. There is no downside to them at all....Period X100000000000000
2012-11-06 00:13:28
Originally Posted by coach
S4's FTW! Best all around cam I think for our motors.


Tomei Poncams - 270 degrees. I have them, love them. Think they are a bit better. But the idle is worse (more lopey)

My favorite I think so far has been the C2 cams/springs, but thats more more difficult to install.
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2012-11-06 00:20:22
I'll be perfectly honest. As much as I LOVE my S4s I personally do not think I could live with it on a day to day bases if I had to sit in traffic for too long as the lope is a little on the "rough" side for me

Now, I DO have a daily, and the weekend car is turbo, big clutch, etc. But, the lopey/body movement idle was cool for all of 1 day before the novelty wore off

However, this issue is quickly forgotten the minute the needle swings past 3800rpm and the T3 based turbo is on full song with the S4 cams holding solid boost all the way to 7800rpm and more!! You forget about the lopey idle rather quickly

Just My opinion
2012-11-14 18:16:44
I have the exact same set-up except the turbo and Maf(Gt2871,N62)i drove it daily for months with good gas mileage(25-28city and 30mpg freeway all day). Now the winter is here and the rain is here too so now the B13 is in hibernation. The idle is a bit lopey but nothing rediculous. I run my idle at 14.0-14.5 afr and its runs pretty smooth there and my freeway afr is usually 14.4-15.0. I use a AFC2 to adjust my fuel map for gas mileage.
2012-11-14 18:20:24
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
Was: U13 DET, 2860rs, JWT S3 cams, 550cc injectors, P11 5speed, AEM - 28mpg highway

Setup is now: same except 80lb injectors and coilpacks - not calculated MPG yet

Coming soon will be 6speed - expected MPG 37+ highway

Calculated my mpg after my last tune (open loop operation since my O2 needs to be replaced) got 25mpg avg over 1/2 tank use.
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