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Thread: boosted and cammed DDs?

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2012-10-31 21:57:36
EUDM P10 SR20DE+T 280 hp T28, S4 cammed 50k kilometers 24 mpg city/ 32 mpg highway. The problem is my driving style is a bit sporty. Economy could be greater if driven like normal. Nistune tuned for 15.8-16.2 urban, 15.5-8 highway cruise
2012-10-31 23:19:33
mostly stock u13 det nx2000......i drive my car about 150-175 miles a week to and from work....and i get about 200 miles out of a full tank.
i have a heavy foot tho....all my reliabilty issues were from the previous owner and almost all of them are sorted out now......i love smashing on my co-workers with my unknown lil sleeper.....hehe
2012-10-31 23:57:36
Was: U13 DET, 2860rs, JWT S3 cams, 550cc injectors, P11 5speed, AEM - 28mpg highway

Setup is now: same except 80lb injectors and coilpacks - not calculated MPG yet

Coming soon will be 6speed - expected MPG 37+ highway
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2012-11-01 01:09:05
ve-t gtir mani + external gate gt2871r sti injectors tuned with nismotronic/nemu and DD'd like a mofo.
2012-11-01 03:37:19
I used to daily my turbo NX. Pretty much same setup as you listed but with stock cams and a GT2871R. I used to beat the shit out of it everyday. Gas mileage was great, would easily get over 30mpg on the highway and I only had a base map. The only issue I ever had with the car besides destroying the P11 trans is that my ECU ground came loose and the car used to shut off randomly. Honestly it should be a reliable car as long as you know how to work on a turbo car. And as long as you stay out of boost you should be getting real good gas mileage.
2012-11-01 09:04:31
Thanks for all the replies everyone. I think imma follow thru and just go for it.

Time to save for s4's
2012-11-01 12:57:43
Originally Posted by coach
Yeah, your mileage is effected by driving conditions. I live in a fairly flat area and most of my commute was interstate, again flat. Not sure anything you do on the EMS is going to pick that up for you. I am able to tweak things easier in the EMS with MAP than a nistune with maf I think. I wouldn't know where to start on a realtime or JK Tuning ecu.


Realtime and JK is pretty much the same as Nistune with MAF. Soon enough the Nemu will have MAP support so it will same as an EMS.

Originally Posted by unijabnx2000

Coming soon will be 6speed - expected MPG 37+ highway

Definitely keep us posted, I want to do a 6speed swap just for that. No stock LSD does blow though.

Originally Posted by FLiP_OnE
Thanks for all the replies everyone. I think imma follow thru and just go for it.

Time to save for s4's

I'm getting some S4's just to try them out. I doubt I'll keep them because I prefer making more power via more boost on the DET. But am curious on what the S4 buzz is all about.
2012-11-01 13:23:21
S4's FTW! Best all around cam I think for our motors.

2012-11-01 13:36:23
Originally Posted by coach
I have always down all my tuning (didn't really have funds or access to a tuner). I did a lot of highway cruise logging and would adjust my fuel maps/timing maps accordingly. Typically I see a lot of people run way too little timing at idle and way too much fuel at idle and when just on the throttle which burns a lot of gas. I clean up those areas on my maps as well.


Originally Posted by Vadim

That's exactly why I'm tuning, no tuner and would rather spend the extra funds on other mods. I'm not shy on timing or on making it leaner. Just haven't found the perfect combo I guess? What cruising AFR's do you generally stick to? Right now I turned it down to 14.3-15.3 from 16's and doesn't seem like I lost/gained any gas mileage. Would love to break away from 20's city.

So should I drive my b14 to Kentucky or Virginia for some help on my ems tuning?
2012-11-01 13:39:43
Originally Posted by coach
S4 HL's FTW! Best all around cam I think for our motors.


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