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Thread: GTiR 200sx ser troubles

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2012-10-28 20:54:17
Thats a Bluebird SR20DET or a highport SR20DE with Turbo bolt ons
2012-10-28 21:05:25
alright thanks for the info i appreciate u clearing that up for me. do you know what that spot is for though? maybe pcv? and where i would connect it to would be a big help too.
2012-10-28 21:08:30
Its normally plumbed into the intake manifold.

See here.

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2012-10-28 21:12:17
so you think i should get a 4 way coupler and run it into there?
2012-10-28 21:14:06
People sometimes just leave it venting or have a small filter on it. You could go to a junk yard and get the original piping for it to have it at stock setup
2012-10-28 22:02:34
alright ill go with the filter. any idea what i can do about this code though? p1400.
i looked and found this thread

but if i dont have an egr idk what i should be doing to get rid of this. any ideas?
2012-10-28 22:05:43
I duno, maybe use a JDM ECU?
2012-10-29 05:42:43
the us ecu is looking for egr and the jdm engine doesn't have it so it's throwing the code.....look up the resistor fix for that....that nipple off the valve cover to the left of the oil cap is PCV....my engine is the same as yours....u12 most likely....it'll run ALOT better once you plum that PCV back into the manifold...refer to pTen's photo for how to put it back to stock.

nice pic choice pTen!!
2012-11-03 01:24:29
alright thanks guys im gunna get the pcv all good to go as soon as possible. gotta just search here for wiring info for my tps and maf
2012-11-03 17:53:35
ok so i just got new maf and tps clips, but the wires from the harness are all botched from the guy who had it before me. the maf i have the red and white wire as the positive, the other wires (neg and signal, dont know which is which), are pink and blue. anyone know which is which? i took a picture of the tps wiring from the harness to see if anyone could help me figure it out cuz its a mess and theres just random wiring coming out of the grey sheilding around one of the wires, im pretty sure the pink with blue stripe should be signal, so if anyone could help me out id appreciate it. heres a pic of the tps wiring.. sorry if its sideways again haha

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