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Thread: GTiR 200sx ser troubles

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2012-10-28 19:01:42
GTiR 200sx ser troubles
whatsup everyone. traded my 240 for a 98 200sx with a gtir swap. it idles weird, which i think was due to the maf and tps being wired terribly, and the coupler from my hot pipe to ic was cracked. i re wired the maf and tps, but im pretty sure i mixed up the signal and ground like a dumbass. but other than that, i want to say its the egr valve maybe? coming off my valve cover but not the pcv t connector, i have no idea where i should be hooking it up to because its just open right now and i cant find any place it should be going. new to the whole gtir setup so if anyone could help me out id appreciate it. ill try to take some pics before this hurricane picks up my car and blows it away.
2012-10-28 19:12:21
is there an egr setup on a jdm motor?
2012-10-28 19:27:23
Is it a complete gtir engine or just the gtir turbo/manifold combo
2012-10-28 19:48:54
Originally Posted by liljay781
is there an egr setup on a jdm motor?

im pretty sure. i got a code for my egr solenoid or some shit too. hooked it up to car md and it threw 3 codes, p0100 p0110 and p1400. the p0's im pretty sure have to do with the maf, one is for the intake air temp and the other is for the maf, and the p1400 is for the egr solenoid.

and pten i was told it was a complete gtir swap from tiger jdm engine depot or something?
2012-10-28 20:02:16
Got pics, also is there a resistor for the egr?
2012-10-28 20:05:59
Well there is no EGR on a GTiR engine. Unless it was installed (is that possible with a gtir?)
2012-10-28 20:13:34
Originally Posted by pTen
Well there is no EGR on a GTiR engine. Unless it was installed (is that possible with a gtir?)

could that be why i got the egr code or you think its just not truly a gtir engine?
2012-10-28 20:19:23
Its hard to know without pics.

All JDM SR20's Don't have EGR. It could simply be a +T with GTiR bolt on
2012-10-28 20:51:21

^ i was talking about the spot to the left of the oil cap when i said egr but now im doubting thats what it was.

if theres any specific things you want to see let me know and ill take a pic of whatever it is and upload it.
2012-10-28 20:51:49
some of those pics were sideways, sorry bout that.
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