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Thread: my car was hit on saturday, what should I do now?

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2012-10-24 05:28:59
its basically a deal between you and them.. and until you accept their deal, they cant take it from you.. just tell them youre gonna think about it or that you believe your car is worth more on kelly blue book than what theyre offering.. and while youre "thinking" you're really swapping out the vvl motor lol.. they cant take your car without permission.. so tell them "no deal" and just put that baby away and take back all your aftermarket parts..

did the guy offer you the money the same day he checked out your car?
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2012-10-24 05:39:35
Yeah, he said the car was in fair condition based on the mileage and rust plus the hole in the carpet (and mostly stock parts that I need to put on like the factory radio and airbox which I need to get from the junkyard today.

I told him what was aftermarket and he told me they wouldn't be able to add them on there unless I had receipts for them, he was canadian not that it matters

He left me a voicemail to call him back about the car 2 hours after he left my house, I called him back and he offered the $1460, he also asked for me to let him know if I would take it, by 4:30 when he left for the day, which I didn't do
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2012-10-24 05:45:38
he cant give you an offer right on the spot.. he has to go back to his office and compare it to other sentra se prices from kelly blue book and other places that sell that car.. yeaa you do need the receipts for the parts you added..
definitely call back and mention the kelly blue book value.. because he cant just give you an estimate right on the spot til he compares it.. it doesn't matter if you didnt call him back.. thats just one of their "threat-tactics" to rush you to agree.. just call and mention what i said because they have to do that
2012-10-24 05:49:15
then he should offer you way more because you have all of those options.. the paint doesnt matter as long as the body is straight.. my car was literally Primer.. no paint at all.. and i still got like i said about $2,200 because that's the average value of the car.. but the body was straight.. the tires were fair.. and the inside had a sunroof, all the electrical stuff like yours.. it brings up the price a lot.. and i didnt have a stereo in there.. so that fool is straight up trippin
2012-10-24 06:04:36
Actually lancesr20 added all of the parts, I really only changed the oil, filters, alt (2x), radiator (2x), ps hose, heater hoses (under intake manifold), tires, starter, x member spacers, and put a upper + lower tie bar on it (which were actually off getting painted) in the 2 years I've owned it it has been a very good car to me, even putting almost 160,xxx miles on it

The tires on the rear have 4000 miles on them, the fronts were going to get ordered 2 days ago, along with a new radiator and alternator I have sitting in my garage that was going to go on the day it was hit

The $1460 is with all of those options added, I guess they thought they were going to get a quick settle
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2012-10-24 06:14:28
yeaa dude thats a lot off additions.. and believe it or not, they wont give you nearly half the money back on those parts whether you had the receipts or not.. you wouldnt even get an extra 300 bucks if you had all those.. theyre hella cheap about it!

yea thats exactly what they tried to do.. they try to rob you real quick and pressure you with it.. but good thing you didnt settle.. just look up the kelley blue book value of your car with all the options on it, sunroof/electrical stuff.. and call them and tell them what your car is worth on kelly blue book
2012-10-24 06:18:27
i went on to check the kelley blue book for you.. but idk if im accurate with the info i put on it..
good condition: $2,525
great condition: $2,625
excellent condition:$2850
im sure you should get somewhere around there.. and just replace the parts you want to sell seperate or keep for yourself
2012-10-24 13:52:25
Trust me tell them you don't want it totaled and they will give you the most they can with out taking the car. Part it and make what you can then scrap the remains to a junk yard for another 500
2012-10-24 23:30:19
So I've talked to the one lady at the insurance company, the other driver accepted liability, I talked to someone else and they came up with the $1460 price by comparing 5 cars, all of them gxe, gle, and base model, then they added in the options my car has, power windows, locks, etc they also supposedly added that it has a 2l engine into the price.

I think I'm taking the engine out, fuel pump, intake, sway bar, computer, exhaust, and battery. I'm going to put in a dead battery, blown engine, and stock radio faceplate that I'm going to glue in there

The lady told me to find cars like mine that have sold recently, I havent really found anything on my phone, ill have to look later on a computer
2012-10-25 00:36:07
In all reality if I can get the insurance to give me $2000 for it I would be happy, once I pull the engine and everything else out that is, it looks like ill have a long weekend ahead of me.

The lady today was like we could store the car in our yard so it will be safe. I said I havent cleaned it out yet and it is safe in my driveway right now on cinder blocks.
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