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Thread: Uh oh. Is this 5th gear pop-out? *VIDEO*

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2012-10-20 23:25:19
Dude, the 5th gear fix is so easy. Courtesy Nissan sends a bunch of stuff you don't really need. Basically, you just need a new synchro, baulk ring, 5th gear, and shift fork. 5th is the very last gear on the stack, so its right on the end when you pop the case off. If you had the trans on a table, you could probably have it done in an hour.
2012-10-21 01:27:39
My 5th gear pops under a decent load like that also. However even up hills if im gentle with it, I can get it to stay in 5th. Seems to get worse tho as the car warms up and is run longer
2012-10-21 06:35:40
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
Its pretty self explanitory. If it goes into 5th and you put load and it goes from normal to free revs then its "popping" out of 5th. The shifter will only move slightly like its almost fully into 5th gear position.

What happens is the teeth on the slider and gear itself get worn and the syncro still tries to hold it in place which is why the shifter doesnt move all the way back to neutral position.

100% agree!!!
2012-10-21 20:38:52
Well I just ordered the 5th gear pop out kit from Courtesy. Since I live in a townhome complex, there's no where for me to do this since I park in a big parking lot. I can only do stuff like cams, headers, minor work etc.

Looks like I'll be going to AAMCO.

Damn it. This car ran like a fucking beast. I don't get into 5th gear often, but it's too damn loud to drive at 70mph in 4th gear on the highway.
2012-10-23 03:36:16
Get in touch with tsuruser aka Keith. He can probably fix it
2012-10-24 01:22:38
Cool, where is he located at?
2012-10-24 01:24:16
2012-10-24 01:34:40
Originally Posted by Storm88000
Cool, where is he located at?

Or I have a b15 tranny...
2012-10-24 02:38:50
I would go for a B15 tranny but I already ordered the 5th gear popout kit from Courtesy, and plus my current tranny is really strong (other than 5th) haha
2012-10-25 05:00:57
So my 5th gear pop-out parts will arrive tomorrow from Courtesy Nissan.

Would you guys trust a transmission center like AAMCO to do the job? The problem like I said is that I live in a townhouse complex, have no garage and there's no way I could do this in that crowded parking lot. I can do cams, headers, random other stuff etc. but not drop the whole transmission. I've messaged a bunch of you guys and gotten mixed reviews on places like AAMCO.
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