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Thread: Uh oh. Is this 5th gear pop-out? *VIDEO*

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2012-10-20 18:13:16
Uh oh. Is this 5th gear pop-out? *VIDEO*
It started randomly the other day. Driving on the highway in 4th, I shift into 5th, and all of the sudden it revs really high like its in neutral and goes no where. But the thing is, the shifter does NOT pop out of the 5th gear position, it just sounds like I'm in neutral and I have to go back down to 4th gear to get the car moving again.

The car is a 92 SE-R with SR20VE swap.

Here is a video my g/f took with me driving and narrating.


(BTW the speedometer doesn't work so pay no attention to that)

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2012-10-20 18:19:44
Its pretty self explanitory. If it goes into 5th and you put load and it goes from normal to free revs then its "popping" out of 5th. The shifter will only move slightly like its almost fully into 5th gear position.

What happens is the teeth on the slider and gear itself get worn and the syncro still tries to hold it in place which is why the shifter doesnt move all the way back to neutral position.
2012-10-20 18:21:13
Also at this stage you can probably apply slight pressure on the shifter to keep it in 5th gear I would assume. Usually you can do that for a while then even that will start not working and you will just get a jumping/skipping from the gear which again is the teeth on the slider and gear are just too worn to hold it in gear.
2012-10-20 18:22:49
Okay. I'm going to go drive it now again and try apply slight presure to see if it holds it in gear. Thanks for the tip. I was just always under the impression that it would physically POP out of the position.
2012-10-20 19:52:52
Well, I just went for a drive, and 5th gear is toast. I tried putting pressure on the shifter but it made a horrible grinding noise and sounded like the tranny was about to fall out. I did find a 1/2 mile long hill and put it in 5th, and it went down the entire hill with no problems, but the second you give it gas, it makes a sound and the tach revs up like in neutral.

This sucks. I saw Courtesy Nissan has the replacement parts for $280, I guess I have start working on that. Damn. My 8th SR20 powered car and first time I ever had this problem
2012-10-20 20:01:26
Ive only had one transmission have 5th gear popout. My original 285k mile se-r transmission didnt even have popout. haha
2012-10-20 20:47:08
I wonder if you average auto shop would do the labor if I get the parts, or if this is a Nissan-dealer only thing, due to the fact that it's an swapped engine.. Nissan would probably rape on the price though
2012-10-20 20:55:18
Im sure an average transmission shop can do the work. Im sure you have a transmission repair shop in your area. I would take it there vs a dealership or other average shop. You have to use a puller and press to do the job. A trans shop would be able to do it and be your cheapest route. They could care less about the engine configuration. lol
2012-10-20 22:24:55
Save a lil bit & grab a sr16 tranny?
2012-10-20 22:38:03
Originally Posted by b13_93
Save a lil bit & grab a sr16 tranny?

Hmm, where do you get one of those? ANdreas?
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