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Thread: car wont start even after a new battery . HELP!!!(SOLVED!))

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2012-10-20 00:22:29
car wont start even after a new battery . HELP!!!(SOLVED!))
so the story goes. my brother borrowed my car for a day , didn't return it . we went to go pick it up and the battery is dead . my pops and I along with my brother go ahead and jump the car . we usually jump the car after it hasn't been driven for a few days hence why we had to give it a jump and it always turns on .

I'm inside my car to start the car , they wire up the thing and i try to start it but nothing , my dad revvs his car to give me more energy but nothing , i go out and look at the car and my dumb *** brother has the jumpers in reverse the positive jumper cable is on the NEG terminal, and the negative jumper cable on the positive terminal. we reverse the cables but now nothing .

we take the battery to get fully charged go back install it and nothing . the only thing that works is the interior lights , (dashboard , headlights , brake lights , door lock switches ... do not work) we put in a new battery and its the same . i need help.

----- update-----------

so i went to go check the fuses and the seem good. i have that test light tool , i connected it to the Neg. terminal and checked the fuses and the fuses light up , checked the alternator and its good . i was going to check this one other fuse box inside my dash board but i had no where to connect my tool to get a light so those fuses are left untouched . my dad suggested we should jump it but still nothing. some dude will be coming monday to take a look. also i press the button to lock my car , it honks but doesn't lock the doors , i can hit the panic button and it will ... panic. while i wait for monday , anyone got some ideas? inputs?

my fuse box ---V under the hood.

negative to positive lights up ---V

nothing on positive to negative ---V
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2012-10-20 01:35:56
Not sure but I remember reading a post like this on the nissan forums. The guy put the jumpers on backwards and the fix was he needed new fuseble links. U might want to check that but that is all i know and thought i'll share.
2012-10-26 02:01:19
i solved it ! it was my 100 amp fuse! at first i thought it was the 80 amp(battery ignition) but when i got a close look at the others i found that the 100 amp(battery) was burnt out. i didn't see this before because , the first time i had checked the fuses i had taken off my glasses cuz they kept slipping off as i was looking down but this time i kept them on and i found the little *****.

2012-10-26 02:10:56
Happy endings are always good!
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