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Thread: My Ecu Relay Is Buzzing Like Crazy HELP !

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2012-10-20 20:15:00
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
why did you replace the harness to begin with?

There are a couple plugs that can be reversed, the coil, the interior plug that supplies the ignition and constant powers, the knock sensor and aux air control valve under the intake manifold and the ignitor chip and o2 sensor plugs.

Check all of those. Again if you wernt having this issue before the harness swap and now are, its an obvious mis plug of something.

He had a wire tuck attempt. Didnt turn out well.
2012-10-20 20:39:11
Well if there are parts of the main chassis harness that were messed with and attempted to be tucked again prior to the swap of the harness, which obviously the old harness had issues then you might want to think about looking through the chassis harness if your 100% certain that the new engine harness is plugged in right. Your obviously having either a short somewhere to cause the relays to buzz like that. Any time ive seen that its because something was not hooked up correctly and either shorted or a power going to the ground side of the coil of the relay and so on.

You really need to just go over everything.
2012-10-20 20:54:07
ok im planning on pulling the complete harness off again and the engine harness .

i have a question im using an automatic exterior harness and my 5 speed main harness . i did notice 1 plug on the auto harness doesnt plug into my 5 speed engine harness . the auto has a 6 pin plug and the 5 speed is a 2 pin plug . i will get more info on the plugs as far as pics and where they are located .
2012-10-20 20:57:17
Were you trying to use an auto engine harness or an auto chassis harness? Either way thats probably why things are not working out. There is some rewiring you have to do depending on if the main body harness (interior) is the normal 5 speed harness.

You probably have something crossed somewhere as they are not the same.
2012-10-23 13:32:27
now that u say that i never really payed attention to the wire colors on the plugs as for they all plugged in . but i will check them plugs an see if the plugs/wires match on both ends of the plugs
2012-10-23 16:57:49
Update 10-23-2012

So Today I Look At All The Plugs To Make Sure All The Wires Are Matching At The Connectors . Everything Is Good All Wires Are Matching . Also The ECU Light Is Working Again So I Now Kno That The ECU Is Working . But The ECU Relay Still Continues To Buzz And I Also Notice That The Square Black Relay Above The Main Harness Box (Main White Connector) Is Humming . What Can Cause That To Go Off .
2013-01-02 04:40:07
Hi I got some of the same problem u have , no spark and no fuel pump power .
No buzzing sound on relays .
Ill keep eye n this post and if I figure my problem I post back .
Good luck
2016-04-27 14:18:03
Dang my nx its having that stupid buzzing on green relay wtf i changed out to another one its does the same any guides or tips will be really helpful
2016-04-27 15:05:07
Originally Posted by ztunedsr20
Dang my nx its having that stupid buzzing on green relay wtf i changed out to another one its does the same any guides or tips will be really helpful

Everything previously mentioned in this thread is a guide/tip. Try those...
2016-04-27 17:17:34
A buzzing relay is due to weak current to the power side of the relay coil or poor ground path for the relay coil.
Do you have 12v or better to the power side of the relay coil?
If you direct-ground the control side of the relay coil does the buzzing stop?
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