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Thread: 95 Nissan 200 sx

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2012-10-15 13:39:12
95 Nissan 200 sx
Hello. I'am new to this site. I'am having trouble getting my 200 sx smogged because my check engine light does not come on when the ignition is in the on position. But does come on when the car is running.I live in Calif. So they r sticklers with the smog stuff.Any advice would be a big help.
2012-10-18 13:13:03
Welcome to the site. I see you placed your post in the incorrect section, so I've moved it to General SR20 for better visibility.

What do you have done to your SE-R?
2012-10-18 13:16:27
Try replacing the bulb in the cluster?
2012-10-18 14:14:28
Not sure how different Cali is to the east coast but OBDII inspections are for 1996+ which requires a plug up. 1995 and lower are rollers so the actual light being on wouldn’t make a difference. In any case, you need to get the codes read from the computer and replace the necessary parts.
2012-10-19 15:29:33
Check your fuses.
2012-11-10 04:14:48
I took my 95 Nissan 200 sx to the Gold Shield smog shop today. Turned out all it was that was making my engine check light NOT work when the ignition was turned to the on position was the computer (ECM) has a adjustment on it.And some how it was way out of adjustment. They adjusted it & now the light works properly.It passed smog.
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