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Thread: Battery keeps draining.

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2012-10-16 06:06:04
You really need to go at this with a multimeter, even a cheap one will work fine for what you need to do and help you narrow it down. First off would be to see what charge the alternator is putting out when running, second see if you have any AC voltage going to the battery with the car running, if anything seems weird then alternator is bad. The wires going to the alternator remain hot at all times so you need to trace those and make sure there is good continuity to them and if there is an internal short in the alternator that can for one cause the drain on the batter and two give you the problems your getting now.

The whole part with the alarm system is also weird. What you can do is with the car off and a good freshly charged battery in, turn off the alarm and have the doors unlocked. Pull the positive cable and set the meter to amperage and make a connection between the positive post and terminal using the multimiter. You should have very very little draw with everything off <.05 volts is typical. Then use the key fob to enable the alarm and lock the doors and then see if your amperage all of a sudden goes through the roof. If so then its an obvious problem with the factory alarm.

So when its losing power is everything shutting off like you blew a main fuse or something?

You should check your main larger fuses for any breaks that may be there, those square fuses are really hard to tell sometimes and sometimes even when they blow they will rest against each other making connection.

Another test you can do is when your doing the amperage test is if your getting a high amp reading disconnect one of the fusible links to the terminal see if it goes away, one supplies the battery voltage to the primary accesories and alternator charge and one for the ignition system and components. You can use that to isolate the problem, start there, then work your way down the harness and to different components.

But from what you said i can almost bet its an alternator issue, if its putting out an AC voltage (bad diodes) it can cause very very weird electrical issues, probably tripping the alarm system and or/ ecu causing the car to shut off.

Easiest thing to do is disconnect the postive going to the alternator and unplug the alternator and see if the issue goes away, on a good charged battery you should be able to start the car and so on without issues if the problem is taken care of on the alternator side of things. AC voltage on an electrical system is no good plus a bad diode could also be causing the drain to ground as well.
2012-10-16 06:11:20
Not yet, was going to buy one yesterday, but issues with mother in law in rehab screwed up my weekend. Ive left it on the battery tender to keep it charged and put gas in it, had a oil change appointment at nissan for both cars in teh morning and was going to ask my buddy there to check some things out...not going to happen now.
2012-10-16 06:14:09
Thanks ashton, what i plan on doing, probally going to get another alternator and just replace everything for the hell of it to be sure. Thing i hate about new cars when you dont knwo what the fuck is going on with them. Why i like my 510, i can see all the wires when i look in the hood lol.
2012-10-16 06:19:29
You dont need to replace everything, you've pretty much narrowed it down, just a matter of diagnosing it properly and pinpointing the problem. Throwing parts at it can get expensive and frustrating when simple tests can be done to solve the issues.

Again follow what I said and you shouldnt have any issues finding whats causing it and making the proper replacement of that part.
2012-10-16 06:27:29
Well im meaning just the fusible link, alternator, and battery, since it blew my battery, its not registering anything on my tender, and i just bought that battery a month ago because of the draining issue, thought i had a crappy battery. I also need to get a battery cable stripper (dad has one but nissan is borrowing it, funny right they didnt have one and asked to borrow his, they have been borrowing it for over a year.) Get it back from them to re do the cable ends really nice because they are kind of half assed right now, but wouldnt cause a issue.
2012-10-16 23:46:30
So took a video, found a cheap tester i have in my tool box, its the 6 light ting that tells you if our your batery is good, and alternator when the car is running. Only ONE light is supposed to light up, well all 6 were lighting up, the over charge, under charge, and nomral, all at the same time. Reved it in the video and the positive terminal blew and started smoking again. And all power gone, The battery had enough power for a good start, then all a sudden when it blows all power it sparks and the battery is completly drained. Alternator has to be over charging it. Sorry for quality of the video, and me talking to myself.
VIDEO0262.mp4 video by danfiveten - [email]Photobucket@@AMEPARAM@@file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid155.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fs304%2Fdanfiveten%2FVIDEO0262.mp4@@AMEPARAM@@file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid155.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fs304%2Fdanfiveten%2FVIDEO0262.mp[/email]4

60 secounds into the video is when shit happens lol. Buddy has a extra alternator it sounds like h will help me install maybe this weekend.

Direct link for video if embedded doesnt work.
Last edited by danfiveten on 2012-10-16 at 23-51-15.
2012-10-16 23:52:59
.VIDEO0262.mp4 video by danfiveten - Photobucket@@AMEPARAM@@file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid155.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fs304%2Fdanfiveten%2FVIDEO0262.mp4@@AMEPARAM@@file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid155.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fs304%2Fdanfiveten%2FVIDEO0262.mp4

Damn video keeps trying to embed lol.
2012-10-17 00:40:53
Alternator for sure, lol.
2012-10-17 00:42:03
ya thats not good!
2012-10-17 00:47:48
What i figured when everything was lighting up and the terminal went POOF. Definatly trying to ovecharge lol. Funny how much my wife freaks out with smoke.
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