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Thread: whats a better engine?? pros and cons!?

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2012-10-10 02:54:29
B13 1993 Nissan Nx2000
2012-10-10 02:57:45
Thank you.

Black top and red top is more commonly referred to for the RWD Silvia/200SX counter-part that is swapped into the 240SX S13/S14 chassis.

What you would be looking for is a red top Bluebird U12 or U13 SR20DET engine or a W10 or W11 Avenir engine. The Avenir are both silver top.
2012-10-10 03:02:52
OK thanks for all the help!! I'm still a little clueless!! But I love my car and I wanna fix it up even tho it needs some work!! And where can u find engines like this?? Cuz its hard to find anything for these cars in Canada just wondering if there's a place u recomend
2012-10-10 03:08:12
And all the transmissions line up?
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2012-10-10 03:14:55
Yes you can bolt your transmission that is on your car now as long as it is, indeed, the NX2000 with the 2.0L.

But seriously, for SR20DET, DET ECU, DET MAF, stupid reliable and probably real cheap as well.
2012-10-10 03:35:31

Edit:Oh, its the dash. Meant to say: DET, VE is more expensive and 250hp is a cake walk on a DET.
Edit #2: Oh its an NX. Invest in a bIGGEr radiator/better fans/wp pulley please. Turbo in an egg will make your temps go up faster than a SE-r b13, B14, p10 p11
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