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Thread: SR20DET worth

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2012-09-28 18:08:15
SR20DET worth
Hey guys, I have a line on a sr20det that needs a new timing chain (dude says it's almost skipping a link) for $250. Could I part it out and make a profit on that?
2012-09-28 18:13:22
Probably not. Replace the chain and then it maybe profitable.
2012-09-28 18:21:35
not selling as a whole, just the parts? still not profitable?
2012-09-28 18:23:27

the only things that would really sell would be pistons and the oil pans and if it jumped timing the pistons could of gotten messed up by a valve
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2012-09-28 18:24:38
the t25 isn't worth anything these days?
2012-09-28 18:26:47
to some yes but to most it becomes a paperweight and its prob blow or on its way out already
2012-10-01 19:10:15
Even if you do turn a profit the question is how much work will it take to break it all down and how long will it take to recoup your investment. At the end of the day your going to end up throwing out a bunch of stuff too.
2012-10-01 19:51:57
Those engines arent too hard to tear down. Only things really worth money is the turbo set up, injectors, JDM intake, pistons and rods and maybe the oil pan(s). You may be able to pawn the block off for around 50 bucks to the right person as well. You def. wont get rich off of it.
2012-10-02 16:56:01
I agree that they are not too hard to break down. But it will take a couple hours at best. Things to think about when you are looking at making a slim profit over an extended period of time.
2012-10-02 21:18:29
Originally Posted by 91-GTIROB
I agree that they are not too hard to break down. But it will take a couple hours at best.

Maybe if the engine is already removed or you have a cherry picker.. tearing that stuff down when the engine is in the car is a HUGE pain in the arse..
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