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Thread: A Couple Questions

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2012-08-21 15:21:25
A Couple Questions
I have a 98 nissan 200sx SE-R with the sr20DE motor in it, someone did a hackjob of an engine removal and gave it to me so i threw the engine in and am almost ready to get this thing started but i need a few things first. I put a b13 tranny in it since he sold the old one and i couldnt find a b14 one for the life of me, but ive heard you can use that one if you drill and tap for a sensor.

Anyways, im pretty sure there is a part that goes here, what is it? and can do i have to use a specific one or is it a general item?

and the next question i have is where does this bracket or mount go?

Please and thank you for the help
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2012-08-21 16:39:46
In the first pic, you are missing a bracket that holds the end of the clutch cable. Any one from a SR20 transmission will work, but there are re-inforced units that are called "tranny savers". There is a group buy going on right now for one for $100. Andreas Miko also makes and sells them.

The bracket in the second picture fits on the firewall side of the engine and supports the bottom of the intake manifold. Many guys take it out the first time that they have to replace the starter and never put it back.
2012-08-21 16:42:40
Wow! I just looked at the first picture again and it looks like two of the bracket bolts are broken off in the tranny. You will definitely need to get those out.
2012-08-21 16:58:19
Yes, in the top picture you are missing the clutch cable bracket and it looks like the bolts that hold it are snapped off. There are a few for sale in the OEM parts section.

The second picture is a support bracket for the intake manifold. It bolts to the bottom of the intake and then bolts to the engine to support weight. This bracket is not needed and you can discard it really. It is just added weight.

2012-08-21 17:43:28
thank you guys so much for the info, it definitely helps a lot...and no they arent snapped off its just the angle i took the pic at haha...again thank you for all your help
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