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Thread: Exhaust advice: Timeline?

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2012-08-19 05:20:37
Exhaust advice: Timeline?
So I need some opinions. I am about to completely redo the exhaust on my n/a motor. At the same time, I have a turbo motor that I am building. The timeline of the build is 8-12 months. I know that 3 inch would be better for that, but 2.5 would be better for the setup I have now and will have for a while... but I am in great need of a new exhaust NOW. It is falling to pieces.

My question is this: do I bite the bullet now and go with 3 inch which will be a huge step up from my 2.25 inch header or do I run the 2.5 inch that I want and just match up the downpipe to it later and run a smaller exhaust on the turbo setup

My turbo setup is stock avenir manifold and turbo, built head and not sure exactly which injectors I will run on a jdm de.
2012-08-19 05:29:10
Do the 3" inch set-up and don't look back!! Do it once and do it right! I always kick myself when I try and piece stuff together as inevitably I wind up wishing I had just bit the bullet in the first place!

If you have the money now, just do a 3" inch mandrel bent cat-back and be ready for the turbo set-up when the time comes. If you are worried about N/A noise with a 3" pipe, just use a good muffler and a resonator and you'll be fine.

Edit: Also, 3 inches after the cat is not going to rob you of any power on the N/A set-up, provided the header primary/secondary/choke size all stay the same. You won't notice any power loss.
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2012-08-19 05:46:02
Because there are no emissions here, my plan was to step up after the secondary, no cat, big cherry bomb resonator and also cherry bomb vortex muffler. My buddy works in their R&D and hooks me up.
2012-08-19 06:10:05
Vortex Cherry Bomb
Hi had a Vortex Cherry Bomb on a s13 turbo and as the name implies it was very loud!! even on a turbo, that was 10 years ago mind...
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