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Thread: Write up for changing synchro's?

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2012-08-18 03:34:58
Write up for changing synchro's?
I guess mine decided to give out today. So fucking pissed. Can't get into 1st, 2nd gear barely gets in, and 3rd/4th/5th/Reverse all go in smooth. I am guessing its definitely the synchros. Any input appreciated. Thanks!
2012-08-18 04:00:11
Sounds like something maybe jammed in the selector. When/how did it happen.
2012-08-18 05:11:22
Could be a bad shift fork as well.
2012-08-18 07:37:43
are you sure its not just a stretched cable? or maybe it needs adjusted? worth looking into before you go tearing the car apart.. i've also had a popped spring cause similar issues.
2012-08-18 08:49:10
check the fsm's. They have everything on there
2012-08-18 14:21:38
No idea guys. I never had this issue in my life. I decided to take the car out away from the town where there are straight aways so I could do some street tuning. I get the car dialed in pretty good and head back to town.

I get to town and I leave one stop light no problem from first. Then at the next light I try to get it into first and it refuses. I finally got it to go into 2nd and took off like that. Just brought it home pissed off.

Thinking of parting out. I have no desire to get dirty anymore and no motivation when you are far away from all the friends and family that will help you out.
2012-08-18 14:29:48
Check the clutch cable and make sure it isn't stretched. Also near the rear mount to make sure nothing is sitting on the linkage. Might as well before trying to pull large parts.
2012-08-18 14:39:49
Yeah I'll take a look in a few. Cable is adjusted perfect. The rest of the gears go in smooth as hell. Can shift 3-5 with your pinky. Its just 1st and 2nd gear that are the PITA.
2012-08-20 12:54:23
Friend of mine came to help me drop the trans. Got it out and we pulled the case off the gearbox. Everything looked good and shifted into every gear. I figure for shits n giggles I throw it back in the car. bolt the case back on and put the trans in place then jack up the backside of the trans and bolt on the linkage. All gears go in smooth. So weird.
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2012-08-21 15:04:50
I had a weird issue happen when i was no lift shifting to 2nd and hit a wall and tried to force it I could still jam it in but it felt like there is a lot of tension on the shifter when moving from 1st to 2nd or into 1st and so on, just keep moving the shifter forcefully from 1st to 2nd while the car is off and while driving while at a stop and it will eventually go back to normal. Mine did it for a couple weeks and forcefully jamming into 1st and 2nd quickly back and forth as much as i could eventually made it back to feeling normal.

Weird I know.

Anyways see the problem just fixed itself. Stupid b13 trannies.
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