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Thread: How to tell if clutch is good by measuring

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2012-08-18 10:09:31
So how could i tell if the release fork did actually bent? Here's some pics.

And would a stretched cable stretch that fast? Once it goes does it really go?
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2012-08-18 10:11:57
Originally Posted by WingmanSR20
Originally Posted by boomstickracing
....I stripped the splines out of the center of the act that was on my car....PP is still on there but won't ever run an act disk again

as did I, they said it was because using their SR20 disc on my SR20 car was not using the application properly

HAHAHA of course
2012-08-18 20:50:50
Originally Posted by Thomasf36
Originally Posted by boomstickracing
Sounds like a stretched cable....and act clutches don't just pop springs....I stripped the splines out of the center of the act that was on my car....PP is still on there but won't ever run an act disk again

I thought act was a good brand. Guess I was mistaken. Lol. How much power were you running?

Bone stock det....just intake...exhaust(sorta) and a set of underdrive pullys....186whp 191wtq
2012-08-19 00:45:03
damn thats crazy
2012-08-19 00:51:45
And about the clutch measuring the tech said to put a c clamp on the disc face and compress it then measure it that way
2012-08-19 01:36:53
Mine gets crunchy sometimes. Been this way for 3 years and 50k later it hasn't failed on me but I wouldn't run another
2012-08-19 14:32:53
Ive always used ACT clutches prior to the twin disk and never have had a spring pop out of one. Ever. And ive beat the absolute crap out of my clutches. No lift shifts you name it. If your trans is properly mounted up with the dowel pins and the trans itself is in good condition meaning no worn out input shaft bearings that would cause bad vibrations and lateral movement of the shaft then no reason for a spring to pop out.

The only clutch disk ive seen lose springs was the Spec clutches when they first come out (apparently they have gotten better) and an oem b15 disk on a t28 powered car but it literally had about 50k miles of torture on it just on that car and it was taken used off another car prior to that. So it was its time anyways.
2012-08-19 19:20:49
personally, with the clutch looking like that..... I would get a new clutch.. It looks like its about to wear down in certain spots
2012-08-21 17:09:26
If I tear off a transmission, i replace the disc. For $100-125 it makes no sense to leave a used one in there. I agree with Ashton on the ACT, never have I popped a spring or killed a center spline out of one of their discs. If you have the extreme PP then you need to get a tranny saver bracket with the half inch spacer, or you can re-drill your clutch bracket and move the whole bracket back to properly adjust the cable. The issue is that people overly tighten the cable for pedal feel, then when they engage the clutch it over stresses the bracket and the cable. The cable goes first as it stretches out. If you have extended use on the extreme PP and you haven't done either mod, then you WILL need a new cable now.

2012-08-21 18:51:14
If you look at my thread you'll see it was shoddy workmanship or bad material in the spline that caused it to happen...very early in the clutch's life might I add. We toyed with soo many ideas that amounted to nothing, and since I went away from ACT I never had it happen again. Despite my doubts in the thread, I'm 100% convinced that the brand of clutch was to blame since changing brands fixed the issue. Even with the (very) few good experiences I've heard from ACT, the number of bad ones makes it a bad choice for anyone to buy now. It's too much like a lottery with them, too little like buying a reliable part.

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