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Thread: How many miles to a full tank of gas?

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2014-11-30 04:48:10
Best i've ever gotten is 454 on a tank and i still had about 3/4 of a gallon left according to the 13.2 gallons that the tank takes, i to have a stock 96 b14 se-r with 268k miles
2014-12-07 15:47:32
The most I've gotten is 420 miles.
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2014-12-15 23:46:27
you guys posting crazy #s must have lots of downhill cruisin...lol The best i got on my 280k motor is 280-300miles. I may have gone longer, but I don't think my gas light works since i've never seen it lit since i bought it. When I try to fill up the tank, gas tend to spill everywhere if I just let it pump til full. I have to hold the handle. One time, I let it click and the hole spout popped out on the ground. So I fill about 8-9 gallons and then i'll stop. I've filled it about 9.5 gallons before though.
2014-12-21 05:39:19
I getting 330 from full to gas light. Probally could get more but not really tryn to explore the limits of the gas light. 99 p11 stock ve, wai, 4:1 honda b18 header,3" exhuast, no cat, nemu ecu,AEM 320 fuel pump.I rev the shit out of it all the time,vvl popping at 5k rpm. Mostly country rural roads to work and back.
2014-12-21 16:58:58
I got 34.9 mpg on my beater NX2K driving south from Michigan to Georgia. This was with mostly 70-80mph highway driving. The car is pretty much stock except for a light flywheel and a UR two pulley set.
I'd love to see the mpg I can get at a lower speed.

I think I'm going to have build myself a daily commuter NX2K and try to use some G20 gearing .
2014-12-23 15:06:00
Originally Posted by 10.1sr20de-t
In my all stock 2002 G20 Sport, 5-Speed I have managed to get 629.30 while using 13.78 Gallons which is 45.68 MPG on my latest fuel up on 7/17/14. My best MPG for a fuel up was on 7/9/14 which was 45.77MPG. Here is a log of my fuelly account Silver(klo) P11 5port (Infiniti G20) | Fuelly

I have a ScanGuage 2 and also an Engine Kill Switch that i use while going down a hill to turn the engine off and bump start the engine using 5th gear. I have done some reading on the ecomodder.com web site and have gotten tips on fuel saving

This is real world calculated (miles driven / fuel filled up) right, not ScanGauge mpg? I like my scangauge and all but it's accuracy is not consistent.

I see that you are pulse gliding and doing 60mph max, that makes sense. Though I consider all of that trick driving annoying and cheating. I set my cruise to 70mph and pass cars like I normally would, just am easier on the throttle. This so far got me 38mpg tops in my p11, but I'm far from stock.

Originally Posted by kneesmO
All the 30+ MPG guys must be shifting every gear below 2000RPM or something

Nope doesn't really matter where you shift as long as you control the throttle. Some say it's actually better to rev out the first and second gear because it's easiest for the car to spin those gears then any other. I personally don't care about trick driving.

@TrackJunky82 that mpg sounds correct for the light aerodynamic NX .
2015-04-03 15:19:43
I got some new data for my beater NX. This car continues to surprise me.

Put in a drive last night Mississippi to Georgia on I-20. The drive was pretty much 100% highway. I drove 421.4 miles from fill to fill. The fuel light never came on. I was just on E and didn't want to risk it.
My speeds were mostly in the 65-70 mph range. I had some brief periods below 60 due to road construction and one hard acceleration for the hell of it up to 90mph. I was not driving to get maximum mpg and really didn't expect what I saw.

On my initial fill up in Mississippi I just went to the first auto shut off. Doing the same in Georgia I only filled up 10.222 gallons.
I let the car sit for maybe 1-2 minutes then I put more gas in to get to the second auto shut off. That got me up to 10.508 gallons.

So the values are as follows.
421.4/10.222=41.23 mpg
421.4/10.508=40.10 mpg

Based on fill error I'm guessing my real mpg was probably between 39-41 mpg. I'm pretty damn impressed with the car since I was definitely not trying to get maximum mpg.
Tires: Falken Ziex ZE512, 185/60 14

Car Mods:
Unorthodox Water and crank pulleys
Hypercoil springs and AGXs: 1" drop
Fidanza Flywheel
Manual Steering rack
Gutted Power steering pump
No A/C equipment present in the car
Whiteline Caster bushings

The ambient temperatures for the duration of the trip were 80F->60F.
Cold Tire Pressures:
Front 33PSI
Rear 31 PSI

I'd love to see what the car does with hypermiling techniques, high tire air pressure, a higher compression engine, and a G20 non-lsd transmission.
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2015-04-03 15:39:38
That is damn good mileage.
2015-04-04 14:47:36
Since there's nothing in the title about which vehicle I'll be a smartass and say before swapping on the big tires and wheels I was getting 750 miles to a tank.
2015-04-05 02:57:33
Originally Posted by DMSentra
Since there's nothing in the title about which vehicle I'll be a smartass and say before swapping on the big tires and wheels I was getting 750 miles to a tank.

The URL should help out a whole bunch by being "sr20" dash forum.
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