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Thread: Getting a Car Shipped?

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2012-07-23 17:20:38
Getting a Car Shipped?
Has anyone had any quotes to get a car shipped? Has anyone had a car shipped? Can you help me with some information? I'm looking to get one shipped from NY to my home. I got a quote this morning for $790 running and $890 non-running and am trying to get a better deal. Can do 11106 NY to 45069 OH

Let me know what you guys got!
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2012-07-23 17:24:57
Actually that sound about right. I don't think you are going to get lower then that.
2012-07-23 17:29:51
Got my daily shipped from miami to milwaukee, 550.
2012-07-23 17:35:06
that seems crazy high, i got a quote for 600 from CT to South FL....

if the car is driveable its prob cheaper to fly there and drive back
2012-07-23 17:55:07
I got a non-running car shipped from California to NC... around 1000 IIRC
2012-07-23 18:11:30
Originally Posted by SERpriz
Got my daily shipped from miami to milwaukee, 550.

Can you give me details on the company so I can call them... I'm looking to get this done this week if possible... The car is non running.
2012-07-23 18:40:31
I gotta get ahold of my pops to see what the company was. I posted on someones post about shipping a car.
2012-07-23 19:14:29
I had my 350ZR shipped to me from a dealership near Salt Lake City, Utah to New Orleans, LA back in March of '11.

I think the company I went with was Red Carpet Transport, originally quoted $925, but had various discounts (like on FB, etc), pretty sure the end cost was $875. I had 5-7 quotes that all ranged from $925-$1150 for open trailer, up to $1500 for closed trailer. No idea if the cost was related to being a convertible or not.

I do remember I recieved the car WAY faster than they estimated it, picked up on 4th and told me would recieve on 11th. I was shocked when I got a call on the 7th it was ready to drop off.

Best of Luck.
2012-07-23 19:18:19
Ameen, what is this beast you are trying to get here?
2012-07-23 19:50:27
I still don't think $790 is to high for a running car. Probably if there are more details. Is the guy dropping it off? Are you picking it up?

Go look at Carmax. That would be a pretty good idea on what typical shipping would be and most of what you will see on there is $600-800 and that's a dealer cost.

To many factors go into shipping a car. However, I know this from the Z car boards, make sure you stay on top of who you ship through. Often driver's will take off with the cars and you will never see it. Also make sure the seller takes photos and plenty of them. It's not uncommon for them to break something.

I still don't think $790 is that bad though.
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