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Thread: Ls1 coils onto your sr20

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2012-07-19 02:16:49
not a clear pic ill take one another day

i used 3/16 rod and some nuts, i slid the rod through the coilsand use the nuts as jam nuts, then made 2 L brackets and mounted them with spacers and small rubber absorbers to the bay, i used msd wires that i cut down and modified on the coil end to fit (you dont have to cut them down, i did it so i didnt have alot of slack) on the terminals that go on the coil, i had to use a needle nose and make them smaller so that it come in contact with the male pin in the coil. when i get my flash drive out the car ill post my settings, but for hte most part its really similar to the 1601 basemap. btw i am using the 24-1 cas wheel in my dizzy and the stock dwell settings in the aem for ls1 coils.

for people doing this, ls1 truck coils with the heat sink are a much more powerful coil as well as ls2 coils, fyi
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2012-07-19 02:26:29
yeah i got the truck coils, but not the upgraded ones with heat sinks on them. that will be the next one i do if i have to replace any of these.
2012-07-19 03:36:14
added pics
2012-07-24 21:43:33
what wires did you use?
2012-07-24 21:58:02
for now, the stock lsx spark plug wires. when i add new ones, ill be using magnacor custom wires.
2012-07-24 22:23:15
okay well i will be doing this on a rwd sr20ve head swap and im pretty sure the diameter is smaller then the sr20de/det. Do you know if the standard wires will plug into the ls2 smart coils?
2012-07-24 22:53:52
from what i understand, the ends of the lsx coils are all the same. its got a weird electrode end on it thats different from any other plug wire.
2012-07-24 23:30:30
what're your dwell settings?
2012-07-25 01:36:45
Okay, Thanks Asleep I guess i'll just have to go with custom wires off the bat.
2012-07-25 03:38:01
Originally Posted by nsusammyeb
what're your dwell settings?

stock - jwt ecu settings, whatever factory is. i consulted cody ace before doing it and he assured me i didnt have to change anything - so far so good.
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