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Thread: Engine help.

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2012-07-13 22:24:51
Engine help.
So I recently bought a 96 200sx ser with a 99 sr20de. I take it to my mechanic, and he says it's gonna be around 850 to fix it. because the previous owner swapped it himself and messed up everything. the check engine light is on and that could be for various reasons, but I was curious to as if it would be best if I swapped it for a JDM engine, or pay the 850. I also have to pass emissions within 30 days, so that is a factor.
2012-07-13 23:04:45
$850 to "fix" what exactly? How is it running besides the check engine light being on? Hell, for a couple hundred more you could get yourself a SR20VE. Assuming the engine runs, I can't think of what possibly would cost 850 to repair unless you need a new transmission/clutch, axles etc. + labor.
2012-07-13 23:30:50
I can, electrical, mechanics always charge alot to trouble shoot electrical.

Now if it runs and is not sputtering and you only failed emissions because of the CEL the guy is full of it. There are tons of reasons that CEL could go on and I would just go to Autozone or something and have them run the codes. Often you will get a guy that knows his stuff and he can tell you exactly what you need to do to fix it. If he can't write down the code come back and tell us what the codes were. 99% of the time someone on here will have your fix in sec as with any board.

Whatever you do with a newer car like you have (OBD2) stay away from JDM with emissions checks. If you get an inspector that knows what he's doing you are going to fail as soon as they see the EGR is gone.

Going VVL is not going to solve your problem either, because you are in an OBD2 car. Again when they do the visual you are going to fail as soon as they see the EGR is gone. Now there are several people on here that can tell you how to pass it, but if you don't know and you don't want to pay someone off get your current engine fixed, whatever it may need, and be done.
2012-07-13 23:44:05
Go to Autozone, like kcobabe said, get the codes, and post on here. There is no reason he needs to charge $850 to fix a CEL.
2012-07-13 23:57:24
^^ What kcobabe said. That pretty much sums it up.

You say you have 30 days to pass emissions. I assume you need to renew your stickers? Now would not be the time to do a JDM swap of any kind. Dropping a VVL into a OBD2 car, where emissions testing is important, is not a drop in affair. Things will need to be modified and if you do a rush job/swap just to pass emissions, you will end up in a position that you do not want to be in. You will probably be worse off then you are now. If you want to do a JDM swap, do it down the road after you have done some research and gathered some parts. Take your time with it as it is cheaper to do it right the first time then it will be to do it wrong the first time and then spend the next year chasing the dragon. Trust me on this one!!

Like Kcobabe said, a mechanic will charge you lots of money for electrical work.

You need to be proactive with YOUR car!!! You need to go back to the mechanic and get a proper quote/estimate. You need to get a list of what things he believes need to be addressed. If he is not willing to do this for you then he is either a bad mechanic, a bad business man or has too big of an ego to make up a list for you. At this point you need to find another mechanic. If you do get the itemized list/quote of what he thinks needs to be addressed, take the car to another mechanic and get a second opinion. Do not show the new mechanic the quote, just get him to do up a quote and then you can compare. Also, once you know where you stand you can possibly address some of the issues yourself, with the help of the community here and google! It has been done before, many many times.

Whatever you do, do not be a passenger! Whatever you do, be a driver! If at the end of the day you have chosen to not be proactive, you may be left in a bad spot. This spot may be worse than the spot you currently find yourself in.

Good luck!
2012-07-14 02:32:28
alright. thanks so much! i plan on getting the car back tommorow from my mechanic, and going to autozone like you all said. getting the codes, and writing back on here tommorow. then bringing it to a different mechanic for much cheaper. then in a month, around my birthday I'll do the JDM swap. is the autozone check engine service free btw?
2012-07-14 03:00:53
well look what each swap is going to do in terms of emissions and what you can handle. All swaps take preparation especially if it's your only car. My B13 VE project I have been collecting parts for 6 months now. Finally am getting the final piece tomorrow.

Like I keep saying, do it in baby steps and for how you drive. Remember having a big snail under the hood looks awesome, but if you are going to daily drive it, it won't be practical especially when you are sitting in traffic and you are over heating because of the smaller radiator you had to put in.
2012-07-14 15:55:11
okay so i talked to my mechanic today and he said " whoever did your swap took every short cut possible." pretty much the ricans that did it before I owned the car just cared about the car running more than doing it properly. So now my mechanic has to go in and fix everything that they messed up. he said there was so many codes he didn't know where to begin.
2012-07-14 17:53:50
well $850 is about how much a mechanic is going to charge you for a swap (engine not included) so do whatever makes you happy. If he can meet the time you need to get down for emissions then I would say he's giving you a good deal.

By the way did you get a second opinion?
2012-07-14 18:23:30
i didn't sadly, but i am talking to another speed shop about my car and if they would be more helpful with my car. and they have gotten great reviews from everyone in my state, so i figured i'd go there. what im gonna do is spend the 850 out of my pocket fix it. pass emissions... then in late august when I have enough money, swap it out. i know it's costly for the decisions im making but oh well. you live and you learn.
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