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Thread: 200sx ser. Swap or boost?

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2012-07-15 05:31:56
Here's your answer, in the other identical thread you started yesterday.


What did you do, get bored with this thread after six (6) days?

And go SEARCH for chrissakes.

For the SECOND TIME, start here:


Read ALL the threads that pertain to TURBO, VVL, and ENGINE SWAP.

Then, come back with some intelligent questions AFTER you get a clue.

Shawn B
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2012-07-15 05:37:53
You really think you need two (2) identically ridiculous threads in the same Forum Section, on the same damn page, started six (6) days apart?!?


Does that somehow make sense to you?


I've already told you this TWICE. This is THE THIRD TIME. Start here and read everything that pertains to your horribly ignorant questions.


No excuses for not educating yourself to some reasonable level when you have access to a ton of information already written up for you and neatly categorized in The Manifesto.

Next time, IF WE GET TO A FOURTH TIME, I am not going to be nearly so tactful, polite, helpful or friendly about it.

Wake up and get with the program kid.

Shawn B
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2012-07-15 06:16:58
Originally Posted by TrackJunky82
If smogging is gonna be a hassle I'd stick with DE power and just do the tried and true upgrades. A 160 whp DE can still be fun.

I agree, they are fun. But to make 160whp on a DE, all motor, you'd probably need one of those more expensive headers with the 3" collector, full cat-back exhaust, cold air intake, JWT ECU, JWT cams - probably C2's with springs/retainers, or if not, maybe S4's with UR pulleys. Those things, if purchased new or almost new, will already run around $1500-$2000.. not to mention you may need a stronger clutch if you're running the stock one, or at least the JWT pressure plate setup with B15 disc, and some urethane motor mounts.. it gets expensive when you consider the other alternatives.. but then again, you retain a lot of the reliability when you stick with breather mods on the stock DE. Not say to say the VE isn't reliable but there's always the little glitches that tend to come up with swapping.

It all depends on what your goals are and what you want to spend.
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