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Thread: MPG for an SR20DET?

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2007-12-14 06:46:04
MPG for an SR20DET?
How many miles to the gallon can be expected from a SR20DET B13 if you stay out of boost? I'm guessing the ~8.5:1 motors get pretty good gas mileage as long as they drive normally.

Can anyone chime in with experience?
2007-12-14 06:47:40
You should be able to get 30 MPG on the highway no problem.
2007-12-14 06:55:52
I've gotten as much as 35mpg on the highway with mine driving for max economy.
2007-12-14 07:06:40
I get 33mpg on a regular basis on the highway. I have a USDM sr with a T25.
2007-12-14 07:07:04
The best I have noted was on a 360 mile road trip, it was 37mpg.

I was in intermittent traffic that was moving so I was at 65mph for an extended time and very few if any elevation changes as it's pretty flat from Houston to New Orleans and no a/c or boost was used.
2007-12-14 08:00:17
pretty darn good, better than when i wasnt turbo, as long as i keep my right foot from sinking!
2007-12-14 08:21:46
I haven't checked since the last reflash and fuel system upgrades (which should mean better MPG) I was averaging 28mpg mixed and 32/33 highway both with boost when necessary.
2007-12-14 10:47:35
I've got about 27MPG city driving boosting once in a while and this is with a Z32 Maf, 550's injectors and JWT ECU.
2007-12-14 11:54:20
stock det last summer got as much as 44mpg staying out of boost on a trip to columbus
stock det last this fall the absolute worst I got was 21mpg in boost probably 85 percent of the tank!

I'm talking absolute nonchalant, not giving damn about gas milage, wasteful, frivelous actions with my foot combined with a gas pedal.

So ya...
2007-12-14 12:12:43
Best ive got was 29 on the highway and 25 in the city. trying not to boost.

On Boost 16 in the city and about 20 on hwy.

it all depends on your driving really.
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