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Thread: black smoke and misfiring

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2012-07-01 04:17:48
Thanks everyone for all the help!! I got it working (I think).

#3 injector was toast. o-rings shredded, and the injector was slightly warped just underneath the nozzle. Check it out:

I also found a used MAF and replaced mine.

A few things I still have to do:
- Change the oil
- gap the plugs properly
- get a smog

Some concerns I still have:

I drove it pretty hard on the freeway for a bit and then as I was driving back to my house it stalled on me a few times.

Also, there's a little oil on the bottom of the plug wire on #2:

I also don't have any experience with distributors, so here's some pics. If y'all suggest replacement of any of this, I'm on it.

Is this burnt up?

A little bit of oil leaking from the bottom of the distributor:

I can't tell if this looks worn down... the design of the cap is just funky, I think:

And there's a tiny bit of oil on the outside of the cap, but none inside:

Aaaand here's #3 plug all clean!

Again, thanks for the help y'all!!
2012-07-05 13:29:04
Originally Posted by Dilipkumar007
Injectors causes a big problems in cars.The new technology of twin or multi injectors are creating new problems.

This is why I hate anything bigger then 4 cylinder, you start having 1/2 to twice the amount of parts to fail and 1/2 to twice the cost to fix it
2012-07-05 21:36:42
The oil on the bottom of the plug wire is most likely from the little O-rings underneath the valve cover.

I would replace that rotor for sure.

As for the stalling issue, I don't know. Every once in a while if I drive real hard the car will stall on me when it goes back to idle. Then it starts right back up like noting happened so I never really bothered with it.
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