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Thread: Low rpm bogg

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2012-06-18 21:58:54
Like I said though, bogging aside, if your car will rev in gear without the ideal speed increase to match, your clutch is slipping. Quick way to test this is while the car is at a stop, put it in fifth gear and give it a good amount of gas and let off the clutch. If the car stalls right out your clutch is good. If it revs, your clutch is toasted.
2012-06-18 22:42:16
i looked ima go look again.. 1 second

Originally Posted by badhabits727
It is the hose that goes from the bpt valve to the egr. The bpt has two small hoses connected to it at a 90 degree angle, the hose facing the firewall goes to the egr, which is what needs to be unplugged from the egr and left connected to the bpt valve and plugged up on the egr side.
2012-06-18 22:48:28
i cannnot find this thing!!!! anyway you coudl take a wider picture of a more directed location?

Originally Posted by badhabits727
Here you go. This is my b14 but should be very similar. On the low port motors the hose you need to pull is going from just below and slightly toward the driver side of the car beneath the intake near the throttle body. It is connected just behind the intake manifold and that's the side you need to plug up.

It's a quick egr bypass that worked well for me and some others. I noticed significantly less part throttle hesitation since doing this and it only takes a few minutes. Have been running this way for 20k miles with no issues.

Note for reference that this picture is looking toward the intake from the firewall. The hose is behind the intake.
2012-06-18 23:06:14
Are you sure you have a UsDM motor? Jdm motors don't have the egr.
2012-06-18 23:08:22
If you have a stock intake you MIGHT have to remove the intake pipe to be able to spot it but I'm not positive. Been a long time since I've had a stock intake pipe.
2012-06-18 23:11:37
i havea stock de high port motor with a cold air..
2012-06-19 04:57:05
ive noticed it only does this when the motor is warmed up, never when i just start it..
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