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Thread: High rpm rattle(Honda sound) gross

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2012-06-13 19:25:16
Originally Posted by jdmb14sx
i hate when peoples car sound like shit they say it sounds like a honda

When you see a car with a fart can on it sounding like that, 9/10 its a honda.... I love the way both of my civics have sounded but thats just because I get the right set ups in them
2012-06-13 19:35:02
Originally Posted by alternator
No offense to hondas my friend I love Thr preludes...and even when I had the muffler it rasped

i like your style man haha i miss my prelude first car i ever built
Last edited by jdmb14sx on 2012-06-13 at 19-44-21.
2012-06-13 23:07:46
from what i can tell an sr with no resonator sounds raspy.....get a resonator
2012-06-14 05:22:18
I'm going to look into that.. They are not that much $ anyways..Car sounds awesome until 3k though I love it.. Backfire like crazy haha running good gas... And yeah the last 2 prelude years are my faverite Hondas....
2012-06-18 20:51:30
I just did str8 pipe today from where it turns str8 off the headers to the resonator cutting out the catalytic cuz it was bad also and mines sounds just like being described once it hits 3k, now it had an old resonator not sure how big is it but its obviously not enough. Should i replace the catalytic or is it ok like that and just get a better resonator?
2012-06-18 21:15:16
Originally Posted by Dema
first off dont forget your a 4cyl, like a honda. even k20's sound sick.

i used to think it was because honda owners just half assed everything in life and those were exhaust leaks or loose gaskets rattling between surfaces in the piping.

after checking all surfaces and piping for loose shit, consider this:

its really due to the exhaust tuning which is basically all these combined: motor, the diameter of piping, length of the piping, shape as it goes are bends or curves, various bottle necks/ restrictions in the exhaust system, type of muffler, muffler size, the frequencies the muffler blocks.

if one or most of these are lacking, too big, not proper, bad or not the right part for the job then that creates rasp (honda sound), rasp is exhaust wave turbulence that is gas and sound in conjunction. anything to upset the frequency of the exhaust gas/wave will create rasp

thats why when HKS,Nismo,fuji,Greedy (greddy lol) make exhusts they never ever sound raspy, thats bc they tuned the exhaust to block out the frequency of rasp that the motor makes in conjunction with the piping. yes it has rasp, but they tuned it to where u only hear it at a rpm or load the motor will never see or its a inaudible frequency, ect

lol...dema, was Charles on you comp...lol
2012-06-18 21:33:10
New cat,2 vibrant race resonators.
2012-06-20 12:01:30
I'm going to live with the sound for now than once DeT goes in I'm going to redo whole exhaust 3" and straight pipe it with resonator where cat goes than another one before first bend..
2012-06-20 16:17:17
Originally Posted by alternator
At like 3k(rpm) my ser sounds like a Honda... Why is this?

Try a better exhaust. What are your current mods?
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