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Thread: 155.00 aluminum radiator!

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2012-06-12 03:35:34
155.00 aluminum radiator!
Wow,looks good anyway.
Doesnt say the inlet/outlet size

1991-1999 2 ROW Nissan Sentra NX 200SX Aluminum Radiator MT New B13 B14 | eBay
2012-06-12 03:39:51
Make sure you watch the size of the inlet and outlet with the ones on Ebay. The 1.6l have a smaller inlet and outlet. I just picked up one from Ebay and it is a very nice radiator.

Edit- I just read your WHOLE 2 line post..... Yes you have to make sure they say the inlet/outlet size. Most of the ones that dont are the small ones. Especially if they list it for both vehicles.
2012-06-12 04:00:48
That's a lot, B15's and P11's have a double row all aluminum Silla rads for under $90 shipped.
2012-06-12 04:03:52
I think that is about what the Mishimoto cost me ....I would have to look...
2012-06-12 04:04:48
Mishimoto's are about the same price as Koyo's right now. I think they were about 20 dollars cheaper.
2012-06-12 04:45:26
The MAP ( Minimum advertised price ) of the Koyo ( 340.00) and Mishimoto (320.00) but the wholesale on them has the Mishimoto at about 100.00 cheaper then the Koyo wholesale price wise ...
2012-06-12 12:20:11
Probably depends on how much cooling capacity you want. Koyo's are thicker then Mishimotos and that's probably the price difference. On this rad here I wouldn't buy it. That filler neck looks like crap.

That being said, I have been wondering how much a Be Cool group buy would be. Had one in my Mustang, loved it.
2012-06-12 20:28:10
i just put on my ebay godspeed project 2" (52mm) dual core, all aluminum radiator couple weeks ago, and got to say the quality and fitment for a 148 dollar radiator is damn perfect.. now my car stays cool at 115 degree weather with ac on.. the stock 5/8 (16mm) core would overheat bad on the highway with ac and a bit in town. so more cooling capacity was the trick, now i see 195 degrees all day on the highway with ac full blast..

the bad is that u need to upgrade your condenser fan with a slim fan cuz the stock is too fat and you'll have clearance issues with the exhaust manifold, even worse with a header.. on the engine fan you'll barely clear the radiator hose or simply upgrade with a slim fan...

cant beat that a 148 dollar all aluminum radiator with 3 year warranty..
Last edited by SERIO_PEDO on 2012-06-12 at 20-42-06.
2012-06-12 20:35:11
2" Ebay ally rad, stock fans and a header

Tonnes of clearance

Compared to stock

2012-06-12 20:37:53
i wonder how well it would fit in an nx with a stock manifold and t25
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