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Thread: HELP Buying a B13

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2012-05-28 22:05:29
HELP Buying a B13
Check out the ad, I'm about to go check out this car later on after work and wanted some opinions on the car. As far as price and looks of the pics on the craigslist ad, would you guys pick

Going to see it now
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2012-05-28 22:31:41
Hard to tell, any freshly painted car is going to look nice and there's no engine picture. Are those NX seats in the car? I would ask how the car has been lowered because if it is done wrong you will face a choice of shitty ride on the bumpstops or spending decent coin on making it right. Seems a little steep but not completely unreasonable if the car is clean. Check the regular locations for rust (rocker panels, strut towers, door jambs, etc), see if the sunroof leaks, and see how it is in both 3rd and 5th gear.
2012-05-28 22:33:31
its a lowrise and has tweety floor mats with a shocker sticker on the hood what more could you ask for. 2g's the most I would pay
2012-05-28 22:37:16
I would delete this thread because now someone else is going to get it who saw it here


It looks great though, seriously. One of the nicest I've seen. The Tsuru front end, wheels and front lip are a nice touch.

1) Make sure you get into 5th gear for more than 20 seconds to check for pop out

2) I'm was a bit confused because it appears it has 93-94 SE-R seats, not '92's as would be if they were original. At first I thought perhaps the car was really a 93 or 94, but the dash clearly shows its a 91-92 cluster. Also, there's no airbag in the steering wheel. But the passenger door fabric also appears to be a 93-94. It's probably not a big deal, only those of us obsessed would notice. But I don't understand.

Other than that, it looks great, and if it runs well, is probably a decent price.
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2012-05-28 22:40:05
I would go 2500 if its not on cut springs, the paint looks as good in person, and it runs perfect
2012-05-28 23:03:53
Front lip, shit looks weak, as far as everything else it looks nice
2012-05-28 23:05:27
Front lip is different never seen it before,short shifter looks like crap,but the tweety floor mats makes up for it.
2012-05-29 18:16:54
So, I bought the car. It runs great, no 5th gear pop out, and its clean. The interior is from a 93. No tweety bird floor mats. The pic of the interior that some of you guys saw is a little old. The car was a project car and he repaired everything from the bottom up. The reason I bought this car is because I needed a daily to have my p11 turbo rest for awhile and of course, save some gas money.lol..The b13 needs a little care, but I have all the extra parts in my garage for the car so no need to be spending more money. By the way, the front lip, he told me in mexico, they use the toyota corolla gts lip on b13s(i think thats what he said).

I will post pics later on this afternoon.
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