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Thread: Cold air intake (CAI)

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2012-05-20 23:36:39
Cold air intake (CAI)
which cold air intake is best suited for sr20de ? i heard aem and k&n intakes are good ? i'll appreciate what everyone has to say
2012-05-21 00:23:44
Just go ebay CAI lol its what I did... Just make sure you have it for the correct engine (highport, lowport)
2012-05-21 01:31:19
don't waste your money on an intake buy a turbo or a VE!
2012-05-21 15:25:29
i already own a s14 q's sr20de and i cant drive turbo (aus) i can't find any sr20de cold air intake on ebay only ka24de
2012-05-21 15:58:46
Well let me ask you a question real quick. do you plan on driving in the rain? If you do just get a regular intake or just swap out to a pop filter and keep all of your original plumbing.

There are numerous debates, but a CAI is hardly worth the money/hp. There are several other things you should consider before a intake. Unless you are just going for the look.

There are several on Ebay just don't look for SR20DE. Only type SR20. You will even find top brands like DC, Apexi, HKS, etc... with "SR20".
2012-05-21 17:44:32
i already have full exhaust extractors cams lighten fly wheel looking for a cai, whats a better soloution instead of cai ? and i dont seem to see any cai on ebay typing "sr20"
2012-05-21 18:28:31
Get the OBX DYI CAI piping for 30 bucks. Then get yourself couplers, clamps, an adaptor and filter.
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2012-05-21 18:31:36
A pop charger. The intake plumbing is fine as long as you are not going for a certain look.

Main down fall for a CAI is where the intake is you are going to suck up water when driving through water. The power gain is not worth the hassle of using a CAI.
2012-05-21 18:37:45
I have a 'injen' kit and really like it! Would i pay almost 300$ for a cold air? No way Jose... Im not gonna bother telling you what to do like most people, but an after market pop charger would be nice. Even like some said, putting a kit together should be cheaper and will work just as good
2012-05-21 18:39:44
POP charger is great. If you get piping make sure its 3" all the way... well for the most part, the narrower ~2.5" pipes in the AEM and Injen intakes that goes from throttle body to MAF is slightly better on stock cam sr20DE. Of course I am referring to an intake shoot-out Mike Kojima did probably 5 years ago so.

I usually don't run CAI but have done so through very rainy PNW Winters for a long time. No problem. Just don't throttle through big puddles. In areas where you get flash flooding it may be a different story.
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