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Thread: My Story of Frustration

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2012-05-04 13:40:21
Originally Posted by VolcanicSE-R

And no I love my blue VC I think the NEOVVL catches eyes at the occasional honda meets I stop in at. Its always the "Whaa?? Nissan has VTAK!!??" and also most of them don't know what they are looking at on SR20's anyway. I'm in VA and it seems like I never see SR20's around here, or anything Nissan that isn't riced around with and no money to keep it running right.

Where in VA are you bro? I'm in Rockingham Co., maybe we can meet up one of these days

Originally Posted by blo0d
30whp with a set of cams at less boost level isnt great?

Virtual dyno, so take it with a grain of salt, I'm seeing 225whp-260whp depending on the ambient temperature, keep in mind my intake is in a horrible location. But the problem is, you have to spend additional money to get the engine to not loose power due to reversion. What I'm saying is, it's a lot cheaper just to stick to a DE and run a little more boost and you will see similar numbers for a much lower cost.

Originally Posted by Keo
NOPE, in mother Russia if you don't make 1hp for every $1, your paying too much.

That's the boost mentality

Originally Posted by VolcanicSE-R
All I did there was take the ECU and VC on that one.

Keep in mind HP/LP VC will not work on RR's.

Originally Posted by Dema
hey man sorry someone pulled a fast one on you with your "VE". On a good note, I really like the RR motor, its really a under estimated motor that shines in reality. Vadim did a test stock for stock on VE vs. RR and the cars compared had near identical speeds and response (iirc trap speed too) Fix that turbo and you wont really care if its vvl or not

That is what really pissed me off about NA VE on P11. I'm sure if I have the same level of mods on the RR P11, it will be just as fast as the VE. I decided to stay RR on wife's car and I will be tuning it, installing bolt ons. Then will see how well it does.

VE P11 vs RR P11
2012-05-04 21:27:01
Alright everyone thanks for all the information on the hours of work I have ahead of me now. I would never give up on either of my b13's anyway. I'm all for saving them whenever possible hell in 5 years its antique in VA and a bunch of other states. I will keep everyone updated on my build thread on how the NX and SE-R are doing as I do the work gradually.
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