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Thread: Best light weight battery

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2012-04-30 18:19:39
Originally Posted by sugarwaterpurpl
Ouch every month? Eeeek

every other month maybe longer... its preventative maintenence. those small batteries dont like the charges our alternators give them so i kill it and charge it fully at a peticular load and then repeat after the battery cools.

it burns off the internal corrosion from the plates. car starts like a champ in 0 degree temperatures so i say its fine by me
2012-04-30 20:08:11
I had a westco battery and I liked it. Then my friend left it connected to my car for 3.5 weeks. Then it died . So now I ordered a Barllie battery This one better do way better or I'm just going to switch back to a normal size batter and drop it into the trunk. If I do that I'll have to put a kill switch on it.
2012-04-30 20:50:01
not sure on the weight but i've been looking into the 06-ish honda civic battery....i know it sounds like blasphmey but it really is a small battery and if it's trusted to go in a mega selling civic it should hold up to DD in my nx
2012-05-01 02:44:01
Originally Posted by squirlz
Does it list a CCA rating? I have seen those and wondered about getting one.

It doesn't,but I could probably look up the part # and what it's rating is.Never really asked.
2012-05-01 03:33:59
I'm running an 8amu1r battery from Autozone. You can find it for cheap, if they are a year old you can pick it up for $45, but with no warranty. They aren't bad batteries, but if you don't mind paying full price you can get 3 yr free replacement. They aren't super light, but they are small and pretty reliable.
2012-05-01 04:09:46
A grapefruit.
2012-05-01 04:17:47
Yeah the odessey pc680 is a great battery. Just requires maintenance. It also get really annoying when people ask WTF is that when they point to your battery Somebody always has jokes!
2012-05-01 05:20:43
Originally Posted by Bucky13
I"m currently using a Panasonic lawn tractor battery.Not super-light,but about 10 lbs.I've gotten 2 years out of it so far.I paid $49 at a local mower shop,and it starts my car daily form March to November.It can't handle the really cold weather,so I stick the Diehard back in it for the winter.Requires no special care that I've found.

That Panasonic lawn & tractor battery has some funky looking terminal posts on it , How did you get that to work? Do you have any pics available?
2014-04-24 02:15:23
Any other input now that it's 2014?
2014-04-24 03:33:40
Sorta related, this was a post about my battery relocator to the fender setup I had for sale.

I used a very small Autozone battery, check out the size of the dollar bill in the one photo:

Bunch of photos:





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