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Thread: Best light weight battery

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2014-04-24 04:19:10
Originally Posted by Topdog781
Originally Posted by Bucky13
I"m currently using a Panasonic lawn tractor battery.Not super-light,but about 10 lbs.I've gotten 2 years out of it so far.I paid $49 at a local mower shop,and it starts my car daily form March to November.It can't handle the really cold weather,so I stick the Diehard back in it for the winter.Requires no special care that I've found.

That Panasonic lawn & tractor battery has some funky looking terminal posts on it , How did you get that to work? Do you have any pics available?

napa sells adapters that turn lawnmower type to standard round post battery terminals.
I used a walmart lawnmower battery for a while it fits side ways across the battery tray and is cheap and light. However ,it is not a sealed type or gel battery.
for 35 bucks it does the job fine.Its rated very close to the pc680 specs just not sealed.
EverStart U1R-7 Lawn & Garden Battery: Auto Parts : Walmart.com

heres the napa adapters for the posts.My local napa had them with like an inch of dust on the package.
2014-04-24 21:38:33
I still have my Kinetic battery in my car after 2yrs and still no problem.I drive my car a couple of times every 2-3 months in the past 2 years. Just keep it on the trickle charger and it starts every time..
2014-04-25 04:06:48
Just picked up a miata battery for the Classic. Smaller, Affordable and will have the life and reactions of a regular battery.
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