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Thread: What got you into Nissan Sentras?

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2012-04-20 02:21:58
What got you into Nissan Sentras?
I want to know how you came to love sentras. My first car was a 93 sentra xe my dad got me and i hated it at first because I really wanted a civic or integra. Then i started looking into perfomance parts for my car and thats when I came across the Se-r That opened a new world for me, I became so absessed with the B13 sentra. After searching for months on craigslist I found my 94 sentra se-r and got it for a steal $750. Now half a year later I still love my car so much, plus these cars are rare now and I like being different unlike those played out civics you see on every corner. lol So how did you get into Nissan????? share your story
2012-04-20 02:28:22
ive said this story before i think.

2003 iirc started getting really into imports. was looking for something fun, quick and cheap. wanted a honda but the nice ones are always being eyed by theifs. so i was looking for comparable cars, some what uknown. came across the se-r and the sr20 on the web. saw a pic of serbans electric blue nx and i realised it had the same motor as the se-r. that was all she wrote. its been down hill ever since.... lol.

2012-04-20 02:31:35
One of my friends had a b14 se-r in high school 1999. Car was noticably faster than the popular si honda civics of the time. Gainned intrest in motorsports and have been running nissans ever since.
2012-04-20 02:46:48
same here back in 03 i wanted a 93-97 camaro z28, cuz my buddies were rolling on fox bodies, is300's and E30's and civics. but then my dad lectured me about how expensive the insurance, gas, registration was gonna be for that car and convinced me to stay with the 93 Sentra E he gave me.. so i looked around the web to see of any performance parts existed for a "SENTRA" untill i came across and read about the SE-R and found the sr20forum and researched more about it.. then couple months later i found a very clean SE-R for $600 with a blown engine, and which i still own that car now..
2012-04-20 03:41:58
Ever since I was a child we had Datsuns in the family. We had a couple B210's, then we bought a B12 new back in 87 and then an 89 after the first one was totaled. I grew up loving Datsuns and Nissans. My first car was an S12 with the slow-ass CA20E. lol. I loved the car though, but it was slow. Then I ended up selling it and buying a B13 1.6 and started to modify it, but it was slow since it was auto. I knew of the SE-R back then, but couldn't afford one just yet. Once I got tired of the 1.6L I finally decided to trade it in on a new B14 SE-R 5-speed in 96. The B14 and I have been through a lot and I still own her....now powered by VVL.
2012-04-20 03:53:29
2004 found a b13 se-r for sale posted on market place at my job. Went to look at it and bought it for $500 lol. Browsing for parts and upgrades online, I came across the old forum and a whole new world was opened.
2012-04-20 04:00:12
Good friend of mine(BORNGEARHEAD) has been rockin SE-R's since the 90's and got me into them. Finally was able to get my first classic in 03 and it has been a crazy ride since then. 4 classics, 3 B14's, 2 240z's, a 280z, a Z31, 2 240sx's, a Q45, a maxima and a G35 later, I am a Nissan addict and will never not own one. Current fleet includes a G35 coupe, a B14 with 70k on it and a 73 Z... damn things are addicting.
2012-04-20 04:03:04
When I was 16-18 I remember thinking sentras and NXs were so damn ugly. I remember seeing them in autotrader magazine and wondering why the hell would anyone buy those over a civic. I took a class at another highschool and a guy had a sapphire blue egg. I thought my riced out 94 Si hatch was so much cooler. Summer after highschool I decided I wanted to sell my civic 4x4 wagon and get a 240sx. Test drove an NX on a whim and really liked it so I bought it. Been an NX guy since 05 now and I think sentras and NXs are both good looking cars.
2012-04-20 04:05:03
Back in 99 I bought my first (92 NX1600 autotragic, digital dash, yellow pearl metallic) from a lady that we were doing an addition to her house. I saw the car sitting outside covered in dust and dirt. I bought it by the end of the summer as I worked for my dads construction company. Paid 3k for the car, it had 68k miles on it. I didnt know a lot about cars back then and my second oil change on it was short lived as the oil change center didnt tighten up the drain plug and it rattled loose and leaked out all the oil and engine got rod knock. I said screw it im doing all the work myself from now on on my car and pulled the motor and rebuilt it myself when i was 16.

I started getting into the whole modding thing early and started with a CAI. Then one day my now best friend Peter with his pac blue 200sx se-r back then with just bolt ons absolutely raped me in a race and I was curious as to what difference in motor resulted in me losing soo bad like I was standing still. So I started researching the SR20 and found SR20forum.com. So as I started reading more and more about the sentra se-r and the SR20 motor I knew I wanted one and would get one. I moved to Texas in 02 and opportunity to sell the car came up so I did and bought my first 91 aztec red se-r from a forum member in ohio. Engine had rod knock but I didnt care, i had already ordered a jdm motor for it. I took it to the track running on 3 cylinders and rod knock and still went 16.4 which the best i got in the nx was 18.3. Threw the jdm motor in the next week and it was all modding from there out.

Only time i havent owned an se-r was from 05-06 but got a much cleaner rust free 92 to replace the rusty 91. So cant complain.
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2012-04-20 04:31:15
It was my best friends favorite car before he passed away I'm building my nx in his memory.
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