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Thread: What got you into Nissan Sentras?

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2012-04-20 23:59:03
you guys remember se-r.net? lol!
2012-04-21 00:13:09
Sometime back in the late 70's I took a ride in a 280Z that was a clone to Paul Newman's "33" car. Triple digit speeds on curvy back country roads changed my mind about "those POS Japanese rice burners". Up until that point I was corn fed on American muscle. Later on I explored the imports, both German and Japanese. Mainly because I gravitated towards cars that handle, and let's face it, the 80's sucked monkey balls for anything made in America. Fast forward to 2000-2001, I saw a black NX kickin serious ass at a Ferrari of Washington event at Summit Point WV. I guess it was a year or 2 later I bought a vail white NX and starting autox and tracking it. Shortly after that I came upon the old forum and started getting active in the community. 2 forums and a few cars later, here I am.

Even though some of the cars I've driven over the years were much faster than the B-series variety, there's something about them that make them seem faster than they are. To this day, I can't figure out why I feel like I'm hauling ass in my 16sec. Sentra everytime I go to the store. The stopwatch says it's slow, but my fun meter is pegged.
2012-04-21 00:26:59
Bought my SE-R new in October 1992. Back then Nissan had some awesome cars out and I wanted to be part of that family. After reading the Car and Driver article about the SE-R I had to have one. These days, Nissan has shitty cars and I barley look in their direction anymore. (Yeah, yeah, GTR... but even that over-sized robo-pig of a car doesn't really do it for me.) Kia has a more exciting line up!!
2012-04-21 00:27:44
the drug dealer on the corner of my street where i grew up. he had a b13 then he had a p10

he wasnt into cars at all. just got those cars cause they were cheap

the look of the b13 and the fact that i owned a stock crx si with a sohc 1.6 versus a dohc 2.0

i never minded the roll down windows... i will always miss the b13...
my p10 and p11 are brothers but they're b13 cousin will be back
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2012-04-21 00:37:07
Originally Posted by sunny20
you guys remember se-r.net? lol!

Remember it? I used it for reference this morning.
2012-04-21 01:59:14
Yea i was allways checking out se-r.net .I tried to do every thing to it i could find on there .

Heres a blast form the past ,please no coments it was sorta my confused ricer stage ...yellow corabuea seats Pic is prob from around late 1999, it was my second b13 . Those 16" enkei's RSE three peice where actualy off the yellow eg civic they use in their adds it was on the back cover of every import mag you know the one picture next to Adam Sawuratari's RX-7 if you guys remember those adds .
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2012-04-21 02:04:17
Oh Keith... :o
2012-04-21 02:08:24
My '91 around '95 and the death of it in 2000....

2012-04-21 03:12:30
Originally Posted by sunny20
you guys remember se-r.net? lol!

Ohhhh yeah. I hit that up too back in the day.......
2012-04-21 03:19:05
When it was time for me to buy my first car the idea was kicked around that my grandma would give me her 4 door xe. Sky blue automatic lol. So i searched around and first found se-r.net. discovered everything that could be done and was loving it. Almost bought a black DET from one of the guys up in New York. So then i found a stock super black texas car that a guy saved from the junkyard. Original owner drove it from Texas and threw a rid threw the block somewhere in v.a. and still got to m.d. (wtf) the guy i boughr it from wanted to swap the motor but had just got married bought a house and he had a swaped s13 and his wife had a 200 civic si with mods. Got it trailered home. Couldn't do the work back then oaid someone to do the "jdm" swap. Epic fail. Fast foward got it running had an old school hks maf adapter setup and hualed ass!! One day early in the morning saw brad (naghebe) flling up the road in his turbo b14. Later that same week. After mikos thred on the old forum.! Now on my second one and what a p10 for daily status. i meet joel (slow 96r) and it was over after that!!. Went turbo on the de and was one if the firsts to do ve-t
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