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Thread: What got you into Nissan Sentras?

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2012-04-20 04:33:13
I wanted an SR20DET. So looked into 240's but read motor swaps were illegal.
Discovered the all motor version of it came stock in sentra's.
Got a sentra.

This was when I was 17 and didn't know anything about "under the table" tricks.
2012-04-20 04:50:04
My dad. R.I.P.
2012-04-20 04:53:07
The thread link in my sig titled....

......"Know where you came from before you know where you're going"
2012-04-20 04:53:11
I got laid off from the dealership I was working at, I had just bought an 08 silverado that got 18mpg on a good day, the new job I ended up getting was a 100mile round trip a day so 18mpg wasn't cutting it. I wanted a cheap Japanese beater that wasn't a Honda or Toyota and was somewhat fun to drive while getting 25mpg+. I ended up finding my SE-R running and driving for $600 and it was in need of some minor work. I told myself I'd leave it stock and just drive it till it dies, then fix it and drive it some more, lol. It went downhill from there
2012-04-20 05:31:36
My first two cars where Toyota Camrys an 89 and a 92 respectively. Totaled the 89(by running a stop sign and getting t-boned by a police cruiser), parents bought me the 92 autotragic to fix as it needed a lot of work, drove that with no door panels, windows or windshield wipers finally fixed all that after high school and as soon as I fixed it all I sold it on a whim. Spent the summer at home and then my parents told me to get a job so they said "here's your late graduation present"
My tomato 91 Sentra XE 5speed. I thought it was the shit! Started up on the ga16 forum thinking thats all there was but a member there pointed me to the old sr20 forum. Since than I've wanted an sr20 powered car, so I started looking. Found my NX May 2010 with no motor for $500, and now recently acquired an SE-R.

I wanted an SE-R first but they're way more expensive and difficult to find cheap.
2012-04-20 06:09:34
I started off with a 02 b15 se-R. Loved the look of the car and everything. Thing was it was an automatic and I wanted a stick shift. Started searching up for cheap cars that could be quick with some work and time put into them (BUILT NOT BOUGHT idea). Wanted a civic hatch but started thinking that everyone else has a hatch plus it would probably get stolen. I realized I really liked my Nissan so I was thinking of selling my auto b15 se-R and buying the stick version, a spec-v. I became really obsessed with the se-R and was already thinking of getting a spec which would later on be VQ swaped UNTIL one day I came across the OG version of the spec V, a car I had no idea existed, the B13 se-R started doing some research on them. I saw the potential of the little car and knew this would be something different than the hondas you see everyday. Ended up selling my car to my sister and found a clean running 92 se-R. Went to go see it, fell in love instantly. Got her the next day and never planning on getting rid of her. Not many people know about b13's and their potential. Have walked on many Honda's and had them pull up to me asking what do I have in that little car and/or even asking me what kind of car it is lol. I just say, it's just a little Sentra SR powered or not powered at all!
2012-04-20 06:44:02
Dejavu... Anyway. I grew up around hondas throughtout my youth. As it came about to buy car i wanted a honda civic ef hatch.. Swap a b18b on it and destroy on vtak.. But i ended up with a b14 se.. I only got it because it was stick. Needed the practice.. Eventually went through the ricer mods and learned about the forums.moved on to a black b14 with a RR swap.cams and boltons,afterwords got really into road racing and touge racing...been in love with the underdog nissans that we own ever since
2012-04-20 08:53:17
My dad. Brought home a 94 SE-R brand new in 1994. That was the end for both of us I think. He still has that car, fully bolted VE now but between the two of us we probably have close to a dozen SR's in various configurations and completeness. He has two B13's and a hardbody pickup and I have had 2 b14's and now have my s13. We both still track our SR's together 18 years later.
2012-04-20 09:12:36
I will give a quick run down of why I fell in love with the B13 SE-R.

I use to own a very very mint 1971 Toyota Corolla with a built NA 3TC. JE Pistons, Eagle Rods, Snyder cam and Dual Weber sides. Car was a consitant 13.8 - 14.0 car. Keep in mind guys this was back in 93-94.

So anyways long story short the car held it's own at the "local track" .... I showed up one night and was asked to race a white SE-R that was owned by Pacific Performance (OG SE-R guys). At the time I was a bit cocky due to murdering Civics, Escorts, Eclipses.... Pretty much any new school import. Long and behold I took a ride on what I call the "Wayne Train". That damn SE-R pulled me up and down the street any which way it wanted. Found out form Steven the driver of the car that it was a stock motor with bolt-ons and a little spray. I fell in love with the way the car ran and not even to tell you how nice it looked lowered on stock B13 wheels and shop graphics all over it.

Long story short I found my 92 a few years later when I could afford one and it's been a great 17 years....
2012-04-20 09:55:36
Well, we don't have the Sentra over here, but it was my moms 1991 1.6 carburetted manual pearl-yellow NX that had me hooked. She gave it to me when I finally got my license, and I loved the way it drove. When I stumbled across a black 1992 GTI, I just had to have it, even though it was way overpriced (2500 euros).

And because of how they drove, I decided I wanted it's predecessor as well, so now I also have a black (yay!) Pulsar NX, which will receive an S13 CA18DET eventually.
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