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Thread: Cracked Header

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2012-03-31 02:19:38
Cracked Header
Found this small hairline crack in my header this evening. I don't know what kind of header it is looks like a hotshot or some knockoff of one. What are my options with this? Can this be cleaned up and rewelded, or do I have to buy another one? Fix one thing on these old cars and two things go wrong.

Thx in advance for any help

2012-03-31 02:26:11
If it were me, I'd try rewelding it. Should be thick enough for an experienced welder to fix it.
2012-03-31 02:28:27
Originally Posted by WingmanSR20
If it were me, I'd try rewelding it. Should be thick enough for an experienced welder to fix it.

Do I have to pop it off or can it be done with it on the car?
2012-03-31 02:31:10
That all depends on the comfort level of who's welding it.
2012-03-31 02:34:08
Make sure if you weld it on the car you disconnect your battery. Bad things can happen to electrical components such as your ECM if you weld with the battery connected.
2012-03-31 06:49:06
my friends handy work
2012-03-31 07:08:10
I've had a similar crack in my old ssac but it was in where two of the pipes merged. We grinded a slice out in the weld and re welded and everything was fine. I believe egg man has that header now.
2012-03-31 07:53:34
same thing with lynch's header a long tme ago....cracked where the pipes meet.....welded it up and it was fine....as long as the welding is done correctly it's an easy fix
2012-04-17 00:06:44
Thanks for the replys, I'm going to take it off to be safe. Already ordered a new gasket from Greg v. I forgot about the lower gasket where do I get one of these from? would greg v also have something like this?

2012-04-17 02:15:05
Got my lower gasket from Summit Racing last time, worked perfectly.
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