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Thread: Motor Swap

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2012-03-19 07:35:59
Motor Swap
hey whats up guys .. i recently bought a RED 93 nissan sentra se-r shell with no motor, tranny, engine harness or ecu .. i also recently bought a sr20de non turbo with 5 speed tranny for this car but with no engine harness or ecu ..

my question is what engine harness and ecu will i need to make this swap work correctly. i am not looking to add any aftermarket parts such aem ecu etc just want everything stock for daily driver.

thank you
2012-03-19 08:01:02
Well since its already a ser OBDI, just find yourself another harness from a ser b13. Very simple
2012-03-19 11:58:32
You need to find out if you have a 1993.0 or 1993.5 (do you have an electronic speedometer dash or a mechanical speedometer dash?). That will determine which year of a harness and ECU you need.

Also, did you get a highport engine (throttle body down low) or a lowport engine (throttle body up high)?
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2012-03-19 13:24:47
Originally Posted by sugarwaterpurpl
Well since its already a ser OBDI, just find yourself another harness from a ser b13. Very simple

yeah good try but not that easy look at bens post to gain some knowledge
2012-03-19 16:56:21
I have a 1993.0 .. I got a highport engine..
2012-03-19 18:18:00
sugarwaterpurpl, you need to stop giving out advice until you know wtf your talking about.

now i know your going to get all pissy about me sayin that, but the fact is, i was told the same shit when i was new, and learned where and how to offer advice.

if im not sure i always say "correct me if im wrong" im still learning new things.
2012-03-19 18:30:14
Originally Posted by gurpreet89
I have a 1993.0 .. I got a highport engine..
Make sure your dash accepts a mechanical speed sensor input then, as that is likely what you have. Then you will need to make sure to get a matching speed sensor for the transmission (mechanical sensor for mechanical dash and electric sensor for electric dash).

Get the ECU and wiring harness from a car with the corresponding speed sensor setup.

That should get you pretty much home. I believe your car also probably came with a highport engine originally, so that's good to hear.
2012-03-19 18:38:38
while ben set you in the right direction, i want to add that the ecu itself doesn't care if its reading a manual sensor or electric type. my friends sr16ve came with an electric sensor an harness, we swapped his 92 de harness on an used the sr16ve ecu with no problems, speed reads correct in the consult aswell.
2012-03-19 18:39:41
True, true. I guess any FWD SR20 ECU will do in that regard, but I would stay away from the lowport or RR ECUs just for tune's sake.
2012-03-19 18:41:04
yep, any 91-93 ecu should work, be it from a nx, sentra or g20, it doesn't even matter if the ecu is from an auto.

but to be clear, try to get the MANUAL 93.0 engine harness.. a MANUAL 91-92 may work though.
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