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Thread: Master keys on craigslist

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2012-03-18 19:06:07
Master keys on craigslist
So this really effects alot of people, if he goes out and gets copies made. Some guy had on craigslist posted Master keys? One for 89 and up 240sx, and another for 95-99 sentras on craigslist in my area. Posting has already been flagged for removal, and i saw this on another forum and saw the craigslist posting.

He posted selling these keys saying they will get you into any of the year cars, including a few other models. Seriously WTF. That should be something that is illegal to sell. I Talked to my parts guy at gladstone nissan, and he told me such keys do exist for when customers used to forget to drop off their keys, or if a tech couldnt find them, locked in car yada yada. But that the dealers were supposed to destroy them.

Now this is the thing that pisses me off about this, with all the the thefts that have been going on, apparently these keys can start and unlock almost any of the car they are made for. The other board was blowing up on this since so many 240's are being stolen. You would think someone selling keys like that should be able to get in trouble, but they cant. I just dont like the idea of any key being able to unlock adn start my car, and some kid just buying it off craigslist and making copies.

Kind of messed up don't you guys thing. Heres the cl ad but its flagged. http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/pts/2896855719.html And heres what it said. The guy had 2 ad's put up, First one was for just a 240, then he added a sentra one as well.
I have a dealership key that'll open and start any 1989-92 Nissan 240sx s13 coupes, hatehes, and 1995-1999 sentras.. Used to work with a dealership, and have this left over.. well worth the money.. Price is OBO.. I need cash.. May take trades though.. shoot me an offer. get at me through my email..3tjrm-2896855719@sale.craigslist.org
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2012-03-18 19:13:21
my car has been stolen with a master key. then when the cops found my car the master key was still in the ignition. it happend 2 diff times.

this is 90% of the reason why i removed my door handles and now have a bunch of kill switches.
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2012-03-18 19:15:32
^That sucks man.

How do you prevent this from happening then. Alarms only go so far, but when you cant have your car really secure due to a damn master key being used..... Alot of people want to find the guy and tear him apart for trying to sell the master key on craigslist.
2012-03-18 19:26:58
This is pretty dumb, it should be illegal if the dealer was prompted to destroy the keys. If they keys were stolen from a dealer then it is theft, this includes if the tech took them home.

When ever i install an alarm a master key will not help them very much. I will get them into the car, then the alarm will go off, and they wont be able to start the car. It would take someone hours to find all of the things i use to disable the starting and other systems.

Other things to consider, park your car in a well lit area or garage if possible, dont leave your car anywhere that you dont know the area, and find someway to disable the car from starting or running. Pull a fuse, relay, hide a switch, or have a nice alarm installed with several features to prevent the starting of the car.
2012-03-18 19:31:50
I have kill switches installed in all my cars expect the 200, I put the switch in and hid it, i just need to wire it.

I really dont like the idea of someone just being able to come up, pop a key in, unlock your car and grab the shit you got in it. Theft of nissans is really bad in my area lately, specially 240's and ive heard of a few sentras getting stolen. But this makes it easy, even if they cant start the car, to put it in neutral, and roll it back so a tow truck can easily get into it.

I leave for florida next week, but im parking my 200sx up at my dads for the week because i dont trust to let it sit at my house with me not home for the week. Everything else is in the garage except our 08 se-r. I dont care if someone steals that piece of shit, i want a cube anyway. Want some more room to haul shit but i dont want a mini van.
2012-03-18 19:46:56
lol, it doesnt take a master key to get in and start most of our cars. Hell my key works on 3 of my buddies 240sx's 2 of which are s13's and one s14, works on both my buddies nx's, my buddies 200sx, two of my buddies sentras and so on.

These cars lock assemblies suck. A worn key or a copy of a worn key will pretty much unlock and start 90% of the nissans from 89 to 98 or so. This is the same thing with Hondas and why they are soo easy to steal. using a couple sets of keys they are pretty much guaranteed to wiggle the locks and get in and start the car. This is pretty common knowledge for the most part especially to any thieves that want to steal a car.

Ive used my key to play pranks on my buddies before but nothing else. My buddies keys will also get in and start my car and they have used them on me before.

You guys seem to be freaking out over this but its pretty well known information. Yes the guy should not be able to sell master keys but thats not going to stop anyone from stealing your nissan if they want to.
2012-03-18 20:01:03
i have like 4 sentra keys and they work in SEVERAL of by buddies cars.....i actually had to use them to get one buddie into his b13 after his wife had locked BOTH sets of keys in it.....LOL

so far none of there keys work on my NX but i already know they are out there.....HAHA
hell i can start lynchfourtwenty's datsun truck with my NX key.....lmfao
2012-03-18 20:34:08
My 200sx key starts my buddies s13 as well. Found that our when he grabbed my key off the table instead of his. Neither of us noticed til his key wouldn't start my car the next morning.
2012-03-18 20:50:08
Dude should be prosecuted. That whole scenario sounds real illegal to me. Its good that this got brought up. Hopefully the ad being flagged will actually get the police involved.

We just have to have several countermeasures set up on your car and hope for the best. Don't leave anything valueable in there or things that can be used for identity theft, since it is easy for some one to come up to your car and open the door.

Maybe a print out of the ad can get taken to a local police station. I'm definitely going to look into security more closely as I build up my cars. I'd hate to lose a lot of money and effort to some thief.
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2012-03-18 21:00:20
Ive known several keys can start our cars, but usually worn keys and worn ignitions, I know no other keys start my car or unlock it, I have diff keys for lock and ignition, But still dont like a key being out there that can bypass all of that.
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