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Thread: Roller rocker b13 impression!....

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2012-03-01 06:42:01
Roller rocker b13 impression!....
The cars power band is actually pretty impressive with just a wai and a header. I'm acually impressed with it for what it is on a stock flywheel and all. Only downside I don't like is I'm keeping my revs to 7k since the roller rockers stock nissan rev limits are normally around 7. Ive read some versions rev higher. But i havent been able to even identify what my motors is from for sure. Im thinking primera gt. Mine feels like it still wants to rev more then 7k though . Tq is def availible and usable lower in the rev band then what I remember with my old bolt on de. I can spin first from a rolling start which is kinda crazy. The sound isn't like my old highport de with bolts ons either. The intake sounds diff for sure.

All in all this swap is a pain in the ass into a b13 if you don't have access to any lowport motors like me (I lucked up and found a 99g20 for the intake manny and coolant lines). I can't really say its a swap worth doing in a b13. But its nice to know I have all the newest stuff on my de and I know itll run forever. I give the thumbs up to the roller rocker motor though. Runs really smooth
2012-03-01 06:49:37
I personally like the roller rockers for a daily motor. They have very good down low torque so you don't have to race to 5-6k rpm just to pull out in front of traffic.

Do you have a JDM RR? If not then stop reving to even 7k! 6,700rpm is the USDM limit, the rockers are fairly weak on USDM motors so they wont last if you over rev it.
2012-03-01 07:06:53
Yeah mines is a blacktop jdm rr
2012-03-01 11:16:00
put it on the dyno and rev it to 7500 RPMs and see how the power is holding. If it is looking ok get a set of JWT cams and let the fun begin.
2012-03-01 11:34:17
I've revved my roller rocker out 8k quite a few times and it still runs like a top, not much power all the way up there but def power there till 7500 rpms. All in all I love my roller, for what I paid for it, its awesome. Lets see how this ve winds out this summer.
2012-03-01 13:43:21
Buddy of ours has a roller rocker motor,I/h/e and I will say it runs very very strong.
It raced many sr cars and has surprised all of them, many wins maybe 1-2 losses.
Thumbs up on the roller rocker motors
2012-03-01 14:42:01
All I can say is I agree with everyone. Roller rockers are great engines. All EUDM RR´s are like JDM RR´s + all are 10:1 CR. It has a lof of advantages - like a lighter crank, crank pulley and flywheel. It does all make aroun 8kg (18lbs or so). Also valvetrain is simple.

If you have i/h/e + you add some nice Tomei Poncams (UK boys had nice results in P11/N15 RR DE´s) and dyno tune it with Nistune (or other ECU) it will be really fast. I dont even talking about SR16VE pistons and headwork...
2012-03-01 14:49:33
I had that rr on my b13 boosted on a Gt25 @ 10psi and ran awesome! Pulled real hard! And seemed to rev fast and with ease at 8k rpm. Never had issues with it untill I sold the swap.
2012-03-01 15:28:23
Mine revs to 7100 and wants to keep revving. But it was built for a reliable daily beater for now so id rather not blow it up. I'm gonna stick with 7k. It idles perfect at 800 now and I fixed all the issues with the motor and vacuum leaks. Wound up using the highport tb and just adapted it since it cleared the rr cover.

Jagy I wanna do exhaust. But this car needs to be quiet. For what it is its good for now. Ill prob throw a 50 shot on it this summer once I get my nx back running. Or maybe just sell it then. Who knows.
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2012-03-01 16:04:36
On all the dyno's I've ever done with the JDM RR, the power keeps going at 7,100 stock cammers... I heard (what sounds like to me) a little valve float w/ the s3r jwt cams at around redline but I never needed to rev any higher than 7.1k. It makes great torque.

These motors just flow well and want to breathe. There is a great article on the S3r Tuning for this motor and they said it makes the best power at 15* timing with them in... tried and true. You don't need to advance. I had a lot of fun with that motor and the only thing I had to do after literally 80k miles of beating the crap out of it was a set of rod bearings... All I did was pump gas and pound and it gave every bit back. It's no VE, but it was still fun.
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