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Thread: a/c removal

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2008-04-08 22:38:53
a/c removal
ok my buddy and i are removing my A/C outta my car (b14 swapped w/ gtir) and we got all the a/c stuff out besides the a/c compressor. if we just cut the belt that it's attached to will that cause any harm on the crank bearing or anything else?

thank you!

2008-04-08 22:40:59
No, it won't, but you'll still have the extra weight up front, may as well remove the compressor alltogether....

There's a Napa 6 rib belt that you can use, i forgot the P/N , but if you search the old forum under " Napa belt " it should come up.
2008-04-08 22:59:46
There you go " Napa #25-060331"
2008-04-08 23:10:51
if you cut the belt you have no alternator.

you need to use a smaller belt or just leave it on and tap off.
2008-04-08 23:28:16
Remove it all and sell the compressor, expansion valve and dryer to me.
2008-04-09 00:23:47
Or you could sell it to me

I need the condenser as well.

Like others said, though. If you cut the belt, you lose your alternator. You need to get the NON-A/C belt from any parts store. Believe it or not, the car without A/C was an option
2008-04-09 00:53:32
sweet thank you guys so much! and once i get it all off i'll take some pictures of the condenser and everything else to see if anyone wants em

*should be tomorrow*

thank you again =]
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