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Thread: How far can you bore out an SR20DE?

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2008-04-09 15:17:51
Originally Posted by RabidRaccoon
Well at this point I am looking to make it really, really fun for daily driving. I want to be thorough, and make as much power as I possibly can with this SR20 so I can drag race the hell out of it at the track once she's done. Torque is always fun, so maybe sleeving it with a 90mm bore and stroking it out would be the most "fun" way to go, and when I turbo it later it'll make more high end power.

So in this case deck clearance volume is going to be
1998/(4*9.5) = 52.579 (for stock)

As far as swept volume goes, is that going to be the same as piston volume? In this case it would be
(1998/4) - 52.579 = 446.921 (again, using stock numbers)

a simple rebuild with fored internals, will suffice mostly any streetable power you would be able to throw at it, given these motors can handle up to 400+ in stock configuration, rebuilding it will suffice much more than that ifyou have the management and turbo to do so
2008-04-10 03:56:37
Cool. Thanks for the input, guys. This is why I love this forum
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